Iris Perle Les Indemodables Perfume Review

This is what first love smells : Iris Perle Les Indemodables is a scent

16 июнь 2024 г.

At school, I always gave my first sweetheart a bouquet on March 8th. She loved the bright yellow flowers. Many years later, we met at work and I was surprised to see her. I wondered if it was worth trying to revive our feelings. I thought about it and decided to give her perfume that had the scent of our love from our youth - the same yellow flowers that she loved. Alright, so I'll tell you about this awesome fragrance.

Beauty is in simplicity

The fragrance is available in a simple bottle with a large, comfortable black cap. The color of the liquid inside the bottle reminds me of the real juice of yellow flowers, which makes me feel that this fragrance is truly made from real ingredients. I appreciate this simplicity.

Perfume Iris Perle Les Indemodables Review

Fragrance with the scent of mimosa and ylang-ylang

This fragrance is suitable for both men and women, and I believe it can be used all year round. Although it's bright and cheerful nature might make it seem inappropriate for winter. The main notes in this fragrance are Moroccan mimosa, iris root, clary sage, Madagascar ylang-ylang, and Indian jasmine. When I first smell Iris Perle, I will notice a subtle hint of sea air. Then, the scent slowly transforms into a delightful blend of ylang-ylang notes. The fragrance lingers on my girlfriend's skin for about six hours, leaving a soft and pleasant scent behind.

Iris Perle Les Indemodables Fragrance Review

Flowers covered in morning dew: Iris Perle Les Indemodables

It is a floral fragrance that gives a soft and refreshing feeling. I like the fresh, cool opening note, which reminds me of a slightly dew-drenched spring bouquet of white and yellow flowers with mimosa.

This fragrance is similar to Cuir Ylang Elie Saab and 1932 Eau de Parfum Chanel

Overall, it is a beautifully crafted fragrance that exudes elegance and charm. Its floral composition and joyful undertones make it a delightful choice for everyday wear, adding a touch of spring to any season.

Iris Perle Les Indemodables Review

Expert opinion, Stanislav

This fragrance is perfect for girls. Yeah, it's totally for girls! Although the manufacturer indicates that the fragrance is unisex, I find it very difficult to imagine it on a man. There is still some powderiness in the base, so be prepared for a fragrance that is not only floral, but also has a touch of women's classic and retro bias.




How long does Iris Perle by Les Indemodables last on the skin?

This perfume has a moderate to long-lasting staying power, typically lasting around 6-8 hours on the skin, depending on individual skin chemistry and application method.

Is Iris Perle suitable for both men and women?

Yes, it is a unisex fragrance, but the blend of floral and woody notes make it more appealing to women.

What occasions is Iris Perle best suited for?

It is a versatile fragrance that can be worn for various occasions. Its elegant and refined scent is perfect for daytime wear, work settings, and evening events.

What is the difference between Iris Perle and other flower-based perfumes?

This perfume stands out for its balanced composition and high quality of ingredients. In comparison to other perfumes made from flowers, it offers a unique blend of floral and woody notes that give the fragrance both tenderness and longevity.

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