Narcotica perfumes

The Narcotica collection is a versatile palette of emotions. From the potent "Narcotica Doza" to the calming Narco Oasis by Narcotica, every variant narrates a unique tale. Narcotica Dulce Diablo teases with a hint of sweet intrigue. Each scent from the Narcotica Fragrances lineup is mesmerizing.

Narcotica by Narcotica – a symphony of luxury and allure. Created by the illustrious Claude Dir, this fragrance collection is a tribute to the vibrant and innovative spirit. It commences with a sparkling medley of cypress, sugar, and black pepper, leading to a heart rich with hemp, enticing vetiver, and enigmatic nagarmotha. Anchored by the deep resonance of oud, warm sandalwood, and lush cashmere wood, it concludes with the gentle caress of musk and amber.

Step into the Narcotica realm, where each fragrance offers a distinctive escape. Experience the intensity of Narcotica Doza or find solace with Narco Oasis Narcotica Perfume. Join the ranks of Hollywood luminaries enchanted by the Narcotica mystique. Every mist envelops you in an aura of elegance, passion, and irresistible charm that's quintessentially Narcotica.

Ароматная элита: 10 лучших нишевых ароматов из коллекции бестселлеров

Bianco Latte Giardini Di Toscana

Bianco Latte

  • Giardini Di Toscana
$21.74 - $156.00
Cherry Park Room 1015 perfume

Черри Панк

  • Room 1015
$20.99 - $172.00
coffee addict theodoros kalotinis perfume

Кофейный наркоман

  • Theodoros Kalotinis
Celeste Giardini Di Toscana


  • Giardini Di Toscana
$21.74 - $150.00