Une Nuit Nomade

Introducing "Nomadic Nights" – a venture to stir the soul’s desire to roam from one continent to another, unlocking romantic and astonishing locales through sophisticated fragrances. But "Une Nuit Nomade" is more than just a fragrance journey. It invites you on a stationary odyssey, an olfactory nomadism, where each patch of skin becomes a frontier that aids the unfolding of scent and emotion.

To travel is to conjure visions of uncharted territories, venturing away from the familiar only to return richer in experiences and tales to tell. To become a scent wanderer means embarking on fresh terrains, shedding conventions and habits. As the terrain shifts, so does the nomad's fragrance. He dives into this wild alchemy, playing with these unseen essences. Adopting a life philosophy, an insatiable curiosity, and a desire to manifest differently – be it floral, oriental, chypre, or woody; an adventurer or a romantic.

"Une Nuit Nomade" is a French fragrance brand conceived in 2013 by the visionary duo, Alexandra Cubizolles and Philippe Solas.

"Une Nuit a Bali" immerses you into the splendors of Indonesia. A place where at dusk, jasmine and ylang-ylang unleash their potency; where days under the majestic sandalwood tree invite reverie. As dawn breaks, it releases the organic strength of vetiver roots from Java island, the languid sweetness of frangipani, and the aroma of roasted rice. This olfactory journal is sketched with fragrant strokes, weaving a red thread around a unique collection of four perfumes: "Fleur des Fleurs," "Suma Oriental," "Mr. Vetiver," and "Murmure des Dieux."

Our insatiable zest for adventures takes us to another continent with the unveiling of "Une Nuit a Montauk" collection. The US East Coast, a stone’s throw from the Big Apple. Embark on a journey, discovering the tempestuous sea on the horizon while sauntering on Long Island.

Imagine a lighthouse, two centuries old, still standing tall with all its 200 steps. From its windows, vistas stretch across Peconic Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. A guardian of storms and tempests of yesteryears and tomorrows. Its beam reaches the realms where even stars seem astray.

In 1972, seeking a sanctuary, Andy Warhol fell for the dunes of Montauk, ushering in two decades of artistic fervor, serendipitous meetings, and golden days. A bygone era where the likes of Peter Beard, Lee Radziwill, Jackie O, Mick Jagger, Truman Capote, Catherine Deneuve, John Lennon, Paul Morrissey, Muhammad Ali, Halston, Elia Kazan, and many more crossed paths. Or more recently, the poetic romance of Michel Gondry in "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". Today, Montauk captivates artists, surfers, mariners, and those who simply adore nature. There's magic in its simplicity. "Une Nuit a Montauk" captures the scents of this mildly mad nostalgia, the raw untouched nature, and the elegance of the East Coast. Our first three compositions from the future quartet are: "Rose America," "Bohemian Soul," and "Memory Motel".

The third chapter, "Une Nuit a Oman," whisks you away for a night in magnificent Oman with fragrances "Jardins de Misfah" and "Ambre Khandjar."

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