Montale Dark Purple
Темно фиолетовый
Dark Purple perfume
Montale Dark Purple sample
Dark Purple Montale sample

Темно фиолетовый

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Роскошный аромат Montale Dark Purple 2011 года от известного парфюмерного дома Montale становится воплощением чувственности и сексуальности.

Этот невероятный унисекс-аромат заключен в стильный алюминиевый флакон насыщенного фиолетового цвета, защищающий от негативных лучей солнца. Пряная аура парфюма раскрывается нотами вкусной сливы и сочными искрами апельсина. Невероятной красоты аромат становится шикарным украшением для красавиц всех возрастов. Роскошные женщины оценят очарование восточной цветочной композиции.

Эмоциональность букета подчеркивается также переплетением герани, розы с пряными красными ягодами и дерзкими экзотическими пачули. Невероятный шик и благородство привносят чувственность букета. Аромат завершается древесно-мускусным букетом, передающим максимальную чувственность и изящество. Драгоценная амбра, выразительный мускус и тиковое дерево придают аромату богатую чувственность.

Аромат Montale Dark Purple переливается грацией и элегантностью, что крайне важно для современной женщины.

Верхние ноты: Апельсин, Слива
Ноты сердца: герань, красные ягоды, пачули, роза
Базовые ноты: амбра, мускус, тиковое дерево

  • Парфюмированная вода
  • Сделано во Франции

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    About Montale

    Montale is a niche perfume brand renowned for its strong and long-lasting fragrances. The brand often features oud and rose notes, creating unique and powerful scents that are known for their significant projection and longevity. While Montale's fragrances can be polarizing due to their sharp or synthetic qualities, they are appreciated by many for their distinctive style and robust performance.

    Signature Scents

    Montale Arabians Tonka

    Arabians Tonka is a sweet and gourmand fragrance, often compared to Mancera's Instant Crush. It combines the richness of tonka beans with other sweet and spicy notes, making it a favorite for those who enjoy bold and complex scents.

    Montale Intense Cafe

    Intense Cafe is another popular offering from Montale, characterized by its sweet and gourmand profile. It is often described as smelling like a cocoa-dusted vanilla latte with a hint of rose, providing a comforting and delicious aroma.

    Montale Black Aoud

    Black Aoud is a challenging fragrance that initially has a fecal scent but develops into a rich leather fragrance over time. It is a polarizing scent that is not as well-received as similar offerings like Gold Rose Oudh by Tiziana Terenzi.

    Montale Chocolate Greedy

    Chocolate Greedy is a realistic and gourmand fragrance that captures the essence of chocolate. While some find it delightful, others may consider it a bit odd due to its strong and literal chocolate scent.

    Montale Aoud Safran

    Aoud Safran is a rich, saffron-infused fragrance with moderate projection. It blends the warmth of saffron with the depth of oud, creating a luxurious and exotic scent.

    Exploring Alternatives

    For those looking to explore alternatives to Montale fragrances, consider the following options:

    Gold Rose Oudh by Tiziana Terenzi

    Gold Rose Oudh is mentioned as a superior option to Montale Black Aoud. It offers a rich and well-balanced oud fragrance with better reception and a more refined profile.

    Mancera Instant Crush

    For fans of sweet and gourmand fragrances like Montale Arabians Tonka, Mancera Instant Crush provides a similar experience with a blend of sweet, spicy, and floral notes.

    Parfums de Marly

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    Maison Francis Kurkdjian

    Maison Francis Kurkdjian offers a range of sophisticated fragrances known for their quality and longevity. "Baccarat Rouge 540" and "Oud Satin Mood" are popular options that provide rich and complex scent experiences.

    Discover More

    Montale offers a wide range of captivating fragrances that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you’re drawn to the sweet allure of Intense Cafe or the exotic richness of Aoud Safran, there’s something in their collection for everyone.

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