Nishane Hacivat
Hacivat Nishane
hacivat nishane
Hacivat Nishane sample
Nishane Hacivat sample
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  • Extrait de Parfum
  • Nishane

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Парфюм позиционируется как унисекс, идеален для использования веселыми, обаятельными, нежными барышнями и целеустремленными, активными, жизнерадостными джентльменами.

Свежесть зеленого бергамота удивительно оттеняется фруктовыми нотами спелого ананаса. Верхние ноты Hacivat Nishane также представлены цитрусовыми мотивами терпкого грейпфрута, который плавно переливается соблазнительными оттенками душистого жасмина.

В основе парфюмерной пирамиды лежат смолистые пачули и землистое послевкусие, которое прекрасно гармонирует с древесными аккордами тонкого белого кедра. Завершающее слово остается за опьяняющим дубовым мхом, придающим композиции стойкий шлейф. Hacivat от Nishane — прекрасный парфюм на каждый день. Он может дополнить образ позитивной домохозяйки, уверенной в себе бизнес-леди, спортивной рекордсменки или очаровательной начальницы. Достаточно употребить несколько капель, чтобы продемонстрировать окружающим все великолепие своего вкуса.

Верхние ноты: ананас, бергамот, грейпфрут
Ноты сердца: белый кедр, жасмин, пачули
Базовые ноты: дубовый мох, древесные ноты.

  • Экстра Парфюм
  • Сделано в Турции

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Le Labo Another 13

Not for me. First sniff is nice but then turns into a chemical auto body shop smell on me. There are much nicer scents to wear.

Le Labo Another 13

Not for me. First sniff is nice but then turns into a chemical auto body shop smell on me. There are much nicer scents to wear.

Marc Bertolo
Lots of compliments

My go to scent for now

Marc Bertolo
Lots of compliments

My go to scent for now

Geraldine Dagumbal
Hacivat review

One of the best perfume I ever had and will always have. I got addicted to this perfume. The scent stays longer in my body and clothes. I always got compliments whenever I use it. People notices it right away and will ask me what kind of perfume I’m wearing. My boss loved it so much that I bought this as a gift to her. It’s worth every penny.

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About Nishane

Nishane is a luxury niche fragrance brand that beautifully captures Turkey's rich scent traditions and Istanbul's cosmopolitan style. Known for their transportive qualities, Nishane fragrances are crafted using high-quality ingredients and exceptional blending techniques, offering scents that evoke specific places and moods.

Signature Scents


Hacivat is one of Nishane's standout fragrances, celebrated for its longevity and performance. Key features include:

  • Notes: Pineapple, citrus, bergamot, oakmoss, and woody notes.
  • Profile: Fresh and vibrant with a strong citrus opening and a sophisticated dry down.
  • Reception: Widely praised for its uplifting and dynamic character.


Ani is another popular fragrance from Nishane, known for its fresh, floral, and vanilla notes. Key features include:

  • Notes: Bergamot, ginger, pink pepper, blackcurrant, Turkish rose, vanilla, sandalwood, and musk.
  • Profile: A balanced blend of fresh, floral, and sweet vanilla elements.
  • Reception: Loved for its complexity and rich, warm finish, though its sweetness can be polarizing.

Criticisms and Considerations

While Nishane fragrances are generally well-received for their quality and performance, some scents can be polarizing due to their strength and sweetness. For example:

  • Fan Your Flames: Known for its strong and sweet profile, which can be overpowering for some.
  • Ani: While many appreciate its complexity, some find its sweetness too intense.

Exploring Alternatives

For those interested in exploring alternatives to Nishane, consider the following brands and fragrances:

Initio Parfums Privés

Initio Parfums Privés is known for its opulent and luxurious scents. While it offers a rich olfactory experience, some users find it falls short in complexity compared to Nishane's Ani.

  • Similar Scent: Initio Oud for Greatness

SDV by Guerlain

SDV (Spiritueuse Double Vanille) by Guerlain is another excellent alternative, offering a luxurious and complex vanilla fragrance.

  • Similar Scent: Guerlain SDV (Spiritueuse Double Vanille)

Nishane Discovery Set

For those new to the brand, the Nishane Discovery Set is an excellent way to experience a variety of their fragrances. The set includes 5 fragrances, each designed to offer a glimpse into the diverse and rich olfactory world of Nishane.

Discover More

Nishane offers a range of captivating and high-quality fragrances that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you’re drawn to the vibrant citrus of Hacivat or the rich vanilla of Ani, there’s something in their collection for everyone.

Need More Information?

If you need more information on these or other fragrance brands, feel free to ask. We're here to help you find the perfect scent that matches your style and preferences, ensuring a delightful and lasting fragrance experience.