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Casablanca Lily Byredo sample
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Casablanca Lily Night Veils

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Byredo Parfums Casablanca Lily (2019) – очередное дополнение к эксклюзивной линейке вечерних ароматов, запущенной мастерами шведского нишевого дома Byredo. В 2019 году парфюмеры решили представить публике несколько переизданий оригинальных формул, представленных ранее в этой коллекции, и этот восточно-цветочный букет не стал исключением. В его основе парфюмерная формула аромата Casablanca, представленного ранее в линейке «Night Veils», и хотя некоторые сочетания нот остаются неизменными, общий характер композиции все же видоизменяется.

Роскошная серия торжественных парфюмов унисекс посвящена ночным цветам, которые распускаются и благоухают лишь с наступлением темноты. Каждая из картин построена вокруг одного доминирующего аккорда цветочного семейства, однако представители коллекции не совсем моноароматы в привычном нам виде.

Ароматическая пирамида мистического восточного аромата Byredo Casablanca Lily Perfume Extract (2019) – тончайшая полупрозрачная вуаль нот, переплетающихся с драгоценностями, это повышенные концентрации компонентов и пронизывающая жгучая чувственность во всей красе. И хотя название аромата интригует нас лилейными мотивами, в обонятельном треугольнике нет традиционного лилийного аккорда, а цветочная грань построена на тонком мелодичном звучании индийской туберозы. Его трепетная нежность гармонично контрастирует со сладким бархатом сливовой мякоти, терпкостью гвоздики и утонченным медовым шлейфом композиции.

Верхние ноты: гардения, слива
Ноты сердца: гвоздика, тубероза
Базовые ноты: розовое дерево, мед

  • Экстра Парфюм
  • Сделано во Франции

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Not an extreme strong smell. It's there smell nice, but stay light.

Marylou Gauthier

Not an extreme strong smell. It's there smell nice, but stay light.

Roxanne Bagley

Wonderful smell, long lasting. Arrived promptly and nicely packaged.

Roxanne Bagley

Wonderful smell, long lasting. Arrived promptly and nicely packaged.

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About Byredo

Byredo is a distinguished fragrance brand renowned for its unique and sophisticated scents. Each fragrance in their collection is meticulously crafted to offer a versatile and memorable olfactory experience, suitable for various occasions and seasons. Byredo's scents are particularly noted for their woody, floral, and fresh notes, making them a favorite among fragrance enthusiasts.

Signature Scents

Byredo Gypsy Water

Gypsy Water is a popular choice praised for its versatility and fresh, woody notes. This fragrance is perfect for everyday wear, offering a subtle yet captivating scent that suits a wide range of occasions.

Byredo Bal d'Afrique

Bal d'Afrique is another cult favorite, celebrated for its sophisticated blend of floral and woody notes. Despite its popularity, it is often critiqued for its weak longevity, which may not justify its premium price point.

Byredo Mojave Ghost

Mojave Ghost is loved for its dry and interesting scent profile. However, similar to Bal d'Afrique, it is noted for its relatively short lifespan, which can be a drawback for those seeking a long-lasting fragrance.

Byredo Sundazed

Sundazed offers a complex scent with strong musk notes. It’s not considered a safe blind buy due to its sophistication and the unique blend of notes that may not appeal to everyone. Despite this, it’s appreciated by those who enjoy intricate and layered fragrances.

Byredo Rose Noir

Rose Noir is a romantic fragrance characterized by its musky note. While it offers a rich and enchanting scent, it might be too overpowering for daily wear, making it better suited for special occasions.

Criticisms and Considerations

A common criticism of Byredo fragrances is their longevity. Many scents, although sophisticated and well-loved, tend to have a short lifespan, which can be disappointing given their high price. For instance, Bal d'Afrique and Mojave Ghost, despite their popularity, are often noted for their poor staying power.

Exploring Alternatives

For those looking for alternatives, Byredo Gypsy Water is considered a good everyday scent despite its poor longevity. It’s frequently mentioned as a popular and versatile fragrance. If you’re exploring other brands or scents, it’s helpful to consider the longevity and overall profile to ensure it meets your expectations.

Discover More

Byredo offers a range of captivating and sophisticated fragrances that cater to diverse preferences. Whether you’re drawn to the fresh notes of Gypsy Water or the intricate blend of Sundazed, there’s something in their collection for everyone. If you need more information on these or other fragrances, feel free to ask. We're here to help you find the perfect scent that matches your style and preferences.