Весенний набор образцов
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Весенний набор образцов

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Unbeatable price, top-tier authenticity, and a touch of luxury - all in one click!

Добро пожаловать в мир весны с нашим удивительным набором образцов духов! Эта уникальная упаковка содержит пять образцов ярких, воздушных ароматов объемом 1,5 мл, которые вызовут ощущение свежей, возрождающейся весны и радость наступающего лета. Наши специалисты тщательно отобрали каждый из них, чтобы вы могли испытать все радости этого сезона в одном комплекте. Прекрасная возможность попробовать новые ароматы и найти свой любимый!

Сделайте глубокий вдох и приготовьтесь погрузиться в это нежное сочетание ароматов, подобранное специально для вас. Парите в небе, как птица, только что выпущенная из клетки, когда вы попадаете под чары этого заманчивого выбора. Почувствуйте, как ваши заботы уносятся теплым весенним ветерком, отпуская все, что удерживает вас от абсолютного блаженства. Наслаждайтесь каждым моментом с этими необыкновенными ароматами рядом с вами.

Идеальный способ начать летние дни — это наш набор образцов весенней парфюмерии! Вы никогда не захотите обходиться без него в предстоящие теплые месяцы – купите прямо сейчас!
  1. Лира от Casamorati Xerjoff
  2. Топлесс от Bybozo
  3. Стрикнина V Canto
  4. Кирке от Тицианы Теренци
  5. Азора от Attar Collection


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Customer Reviews

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Yordanose Girma

Love it

Yordanose Girma

Love it


Out of the 5 Only 1 smelled decent!
I'm serious. They smell nothing like Spring and just smell TOXIC. Even the Travel size I purchased smelled NOTHING like what it's supposed to! I started to return them but I'll just never purchase from this company again.


Out of the 5 Only 1 smelled decent!
I'm serious. They smell nothing like Spring and just smell TOXIC. Even the Travel size I purchased smelled NOTHING like what it's supposed to! I started to return them but I'll just never purchase from this company again.

It was okay

I really only liked the Azora fragrance,the others not so much

We are pleased to offer complimentary shipping services across the USA, with no minimum order requirement.

Parfum Exquis ensures the quality of its niche perfumes by being an official retailer for many prestigious perfume brands. This relationship allows us to source our products directly from the manufacturers, guaranteeing their authenticity and quality. Moreover, we maintain strict quality control measures in our operations, handling each perfume with the utmost care to ensure that it reaches our customers in perfect condition. 

Northeastern USA 3 business days

Rest of USA 3-5 business days

At Parfum Exquis, we believe that luxury should be accessible. We work closely with renowned perfume houses and skilled perfumers to ensure that our niche perfume offerings deliver the highest quality at competitive prices.

Our goal is to make unique and captivating fragrances available to perfume lovers, without compromising on their quality.

Parfum Exquis is a unique and affordable niche perfume boutique because of our commitment to sourcing distinctive fragrances from around the world. We have established relationships with many niche perfume creators, allowing us to offer a diverse range of scents at various price points. This ensures our customers can find something that suits their tastes and budget.

The prices at Parfum Exquis vary depending on the perfume's brand, rarity, and composition. We aim to cater to a wide range of budgets, so you can find unique fragrances starting from more accessible price points, up to luxury high-end options. Each fragrance is priced to reflect its value, rarity, and the craftsmanship that goes into creating it.

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About Parfum Exquis

Parfum Exquis USA is an extension of the Montreal-based niche perfume store, Parfum Exquis. The store is dedicated to providing excellent service for perfume lovers, offering a curated selection of exclusive and unique fragrance brands. Known for its exceptional customer service and fast shipping, Parfum Exquis USA aims to surprise and delight its customers with its diverse and high-quality offerings.

Exclusive Brands


Zarkoperfume is celebrated for its molecular fragrances that adapt to the wearer's body chemistry, offering a personalized scent experience. Popular offerings include:

  • Pink Molecule 090.09: A fresh and floral scent with notes of champagne, black elder, apricot, and black orchid.
  • The Muse: A sophisticated fragrance with notes of white oud, amber, and sandalwood.


Poécile perfumes are known for their high-quality compositions and unique scent profiles. The brand emphasizes natural ingredients and innovative blending techniques.

  • Arcadie Florale: Features notes of lavender, fig, and amber, capturing the essence of French landscapes.
  • Bleu Asgard: Combines cardamom, pink pepper, grapefruit, seaweed, and mineral notes with a base of papyrus, ambergris, and driftwood.


ByBozo offers modern and unique compositions, blending unconventional notes to create memorable and distinctive fragrances.

  • Date in Paris: A blend of salty aquatic notes with soft florals and a powdery finish.
  • Eternal Rainbow: Combines soft florals with grapefruit and warm citrus, ending with a light cottony musk.

Les Indémodables

Les Indémodables is known for celebrating traditional French perfumery with a contemporary twist, using high percentages of natural ingredients for quality and authenticity.

  • Vanille Havane: A tobacco vanilla scent with a rich, evolving profile.
  • Ambre Suprême: Features a unique dosage of ambergris, creating a mineralic, salty, and oceanic core.

Why Choose Parfum Exquis USA?

  • Unique Offerings: Parfum Exquis USA provides access to exclusive and rare fragrance brands, ensuring a distinctive and personalized scent experience.
  • Fast Shipping: The store is committed to delivering a seamless shopping experience with fast shipping, allowing customers to receive their favorite perfumes quickly.
  • Exceptional Service: Parfum Exquis USA prides itself on excellent customer service, offering personalized recommendations and assistance to help customers find their perfect fragrance.

Discover More

Parfum Exquis USA is the go-to destination for perfume lovers seeking unique, high-quality fragrances. With its diverse selection of exclusive brands and dedication to customer satisfaction, Parfum Exquis USA ensures a delightful and memorable shopping experience.

Need More Information?

If you need more information on these or other fragrance brands offered by Parfum Exquis USA, feel free to ask. We're here to help you find the perfect scent that matches your style and preferences, ensuring a delightful and lasting fragrance experience.