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Creme De Cuir

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BDK parfums Creme De Cuir is a captivating fragrance that enchants with its airy elegance, masterfully crafted with notes of luxurious white suede and a bouquet of ripe citruses. The perfume is housed in a minimalist rectangular bottle made of high-quality glass, its unique cut adding an air of mystery and magnetic allure. The fragrance draws its inspiration from the image of a young, vibrant Parisian, whose grace and charm are instantly captivating. The brilliant mind behind this masterpiece is the talented and creative Violaine Collas.

Creme De Cuir perfume is an underrated gem from BDK that deserves more recognition. It's a delightful blend of fruity and woody suede notes. Perfect for a crisp fall day, this fragrance exudes effortless sophistication and is masterfully blended. It's the kind of perfume that says 'I have my act together' without being overly assertive. It's simply wonderful.

The fragrance journey begins with top notes reminiscent of the refreshing coolness that descends after sunset, filling the hot streets of an Indian metropolis with nocturnal freshness. A citrus bouquet of juicy Sicilian mandarin, bergamot, and pleasantly bitter grapefruit nuances forms a dazzling apex. At the heart of the fragrance, a fiery oriental blaze of pink and black pepper chords unfolds, infusing it with enchanting oriental motifs. The woody resinousness of mysterious sandalwood is enriched with the animalistic melodies of luxurious white suede and cashmeran molecules, resonating with an animalistic echo at the base of the composition. The deep, intense aftertaste is built on a duet of white and gray musk, in whose passionate embrace shades of velvety white birch are submerged.

The wearers of the elegant  BDK Parfum Creme De Cuir are playful and romantic, captivating everyone with their boundless charm and sensual spontaneity, which are impossible for the opposite sex to ignore.

Creme De Cuir Fragrantica raiting rating 3.96 out of 5 with 1,103 votes

Top notes: Pineapple, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Mandarin
Heart notes: White suede, Pepper, Pink pepper, Sandalwood
Base notes: White musk, Birch, Vanilla, Cashmeran, Musk

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