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Perfume is one of my best friends. It's always there for me when I need it, and it never asks for anything in return. I've been wearing perfume for as long as I can remember, and I've never found anything that makes me feel as good as my favorite scent.

What is your favourite perfume? - question asked every day in the store.

Here, I wanted to share my personal thoughts on some perfumes that have truly captured my heart. You know, perfume preferences can be influenced by all sorts of things – the changing seasons, my ever-shifting moods, and even the special moments in my life. So, here's a list of scents that have stirred up emotions and become a part of my unique journey.

Acqua di sale profumum roma
profumum acqua di sale
acqua di sale travel size 18ml
Acqua di sale sample size travel decant 5ml

Acqua Di Sale

  • Profumum Roma

This perfume transports me to a rocky beach, where the rhythmic waves serenade my senses, while the scent of sea air and the presence of fir trees clinging to the cliffs provide a revitalizing escape from the summer sun.

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Perfect for replenishing your life energy

Immerse yourself in the essence of a sunny Amalfi day with Acqua di Sale Profumum Roma. Perfume Acqua di Sale captures the spirit of carefree freedom that flutters on a deserted beach, where the morning sun of August glistens on the sand, adorned with new shells of various sizes and shapes brought in by the sea waves.

Imagine yourself in a crisp linen shirt and shorts, cruising on a classic Piaggio Vespa along the breathtaking Amalfi coast. The scent of Acqua di Sale in the air, a pair of Persol sunglasses to shield your eyes from the radiant Italian sun, and the anticipation of a refreshing Aperol Spritz waiting for you at your destination.

Acqua di Sale Eau de Parfum concentration is more than just a fragrance; it's an olfactory journey to the heart of Italy. While the Acqua di Sale price reflects its premium quality, the investment is justified by its astonishing longevity. Just one or two spritzes of this Acqua di Sale Profumum Roma are enough to envelop you in its captivating aroma for the entire day.

Experience the luxury of Italian perfumery with Acqua di Sale by Profumum Roma. It's not just a perfume; it's a lifestyle encapsulated in a bottle.

Olfactory notes: Cedar wood, Myrtle, Seaweed

Fragrance Family: Aquatic
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Made in Italy

Nice Bergamote perfume
nice bergamote essential parfums buy
Nice Bergamote Essential Parfums perfume
Nice Bergamote sample size travel decant
Nice Bergamote
Nice Bergamote

Nice Bergamote

  • Essential Parfums

This exquisite gem was uncovered with the assistance of my fragrant confidante, Panagiota. At first encounter, it may seem to open with a mere burst of bergamot, but its elusive nature unfolds into a breathtaking symphony of fresh minerals, peppered nuances, and a woody essence that revives and captivates the senses.

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The most underrated perfume for summer

In 2018, a niche French company presented an incredibly bright and fresh citrus perfume Essential Parfums Nice Bergamote, in every drop of which there is literally a source of endless vitality. The fragrance of the authorship of the famous Antoine Maisondieu seems to let through myriads of bright sunlight, which are reflected on the skin of the owners of the perfume with a radiant cloud of inner light that attracts the attention of the public. The perfume heroes of this stylish citrus-fougère scent are dynamic and determined, they are full of strength and energy to make your wildest dreams come true and share their warmth with others. The name of the composition, without further ado, tells about the key accord of the pyramid, which is built around the noble tart Calabrian bergamot.

It is also noteworthy that only natural ingredients and organic raw materials were used in the creation of the fragrance, so the perfume is completely natural in its origin. The miraculous properties of bergamot oil have been known for a long time, its enchanting fragrance has a beneficial effect on the mental state, helps to get rid of stress and instills a sense of peace and tranquility in the soul.

In addition to bergamot, the picture also uses floral shades of honey jasmine and oriental ylang-ylang, which harmoniously soften the citrus sharpness of the dominant note. The finale of Essential Parfums Nice Bergamote is a graceful tandem of coniferous cedar and burning tonka bean resin.

Top notes: Bergamot
Heart notes: Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang
Base notes: Tonka bean, Cedar

  • Eau de Parfum
  • Made in France
born from fire perfume
born from fire Simone andreoli
born from fire sample size travel decant

Born From Fire

  • Simone Andreoli

My nose has developed an addiction to this scent, as every whiff sends delightful shivers down my spine. The soft, yet profoundly sophisticated amalgamation of Rose, Oud, and Brown sugar creates an intoxicating blend that dances between pain and pleasure. Its elusive nature and undeniable allure make it irresistibly sexy and captivating.

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Filthy Rose for summer evenings

Awaken Your Senses with the Fiery Embrace of Nature


Indulge in the passionately crafted essence of Born From Fire, a masterpiece by renowned designer Simone Andreoli. Harnessing the formidable energy of volcanic fire, this fragrance paints an evocative picture of the sultry archipelago of Haiti, complete with its intoxicating black beaches and the piercing warmth of the sun.

Key Features:

  • Intense Opening: A bold start, radiant with the heat of black pepper, saffron, and an enveloping vanilla that beckons with fervent allure.
  • Woody Depth: Dive deep into a medley of luxurious woody notes, with oud at the forefront, accentuated by smoky tobacco nuances, recreating the mystery of Haitian landscapes.
  • Heart of the Fragrance: Journey into the heart, where sweet caramel notes twine with the creamy seduction of rose, resembling molten burnt sugar in their luscious texture.
  • Earthy Finish: Linger in the embrace of creamy sandalwood, spicy musk of cashmere wood, fragrant subtle amyris, and the damp balsamic undertones of vetiver, grounding the composition and evoking the untouched beauty of nature.

Inspiration: A tribute to the volcanic spirit of Haiti and the unexplored mysteries of black sand, Simone Andreoli's journey to Maui has culminated in Born From Fire. The fragrance captures the very essence of molten magma, embodying its heat, sensuality, and primal allure. From the initial fiery burst to its contrasting sweet undertones and earthy finish, this scent is a testament to nature's unparalleled beauty and power.

Experience: Each spritz of Born From Fire is an invitation to connect with nature's most potent elements. A tale of contrasts, from scalding sands to tropical serenity, this perfume is for the bold, the adventurous, and the passionately alive. Embrace the essence of fire, with its transformative energy and its promise of rebirth. Dive deep into a world of passion, seduction, and raw power, enveloped in an aura of magnetic charm.

Born from Fire fragrantica rating 3.79 out of 5 with 119 votes

Top notes: Amber, Amyris, Vanilla, Vetiver, Cashmere wood, Rose, Sugar, Oud, Black pepper, Saffron.

  • Eau de parfum intense
  • Made in Italy
Lemon Tart

Lemon Tart

  • Theodoros Kalotinis
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