Theodoros Kalotinis

Immerse yourself in the world of Theodoros Kalotinis Perfumer - a symphony of artisanal fragrances that capture the essence of Greece's radiant beauty. Born from the verdant landscapes of Crete and refined in the historic lanes of Athens, each scent offers an intoxicating journey through the diverse landscapes and rich culture of Greece.

Our meticulously curated collection features a range of unique fragrances that encapsulate the spirit of Theodoros Kalotinis. Crafted using time-honored methods, each scent interweaves high-quality essential oils with alcohol distilled from natural grapes, creating an unparalleled sensory experience.

Discover the magic of Greece through fragrances that speak to its splendid heritage. From the personal perfumes crafted for the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, to the treasured scents adored by international celebrities - Theodoros Kalotinis Perfumer holds a distinguished place in the world of artisanal perfumery.

Theodoros commitment to sustainable and cruelty-free practices reflects our deep respect for nature and the environment. Enjoy a touch of Greek culture and nature in every bottle, knowing that each purchase supports an eco-conscious and ethical business.

Experience Theodoros Kalotinis Perfumer - where timeless classicism meets captivating natural elements, transforming elements of nature into mesmerizing fragrances. Each scent is an ode to Greece, its beautiful islands, and the culture that inspires us every day.

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