Attar Collection

Attar Collection is a brand of niche perfumery from the UAE, which appeared relatively recently - in 2015. For 5 years this brand has gained popularity. Attar Collection perfumes around the world dazzle connoisseurs of Arabian fragrances with their filled with the sound and romance of the East.
The secret of the brand's popularity is that it is an Arabian perfumery adapted to the European consumer.
Bright, sillage, very persistent compositions of Attar Collection are perceived easily and understandably, despite their richness. The production of perfumes covers the full cycle: from growing raw materials to packaging finished products. They create perfumes in modern laboratories with the support of high technologies.
The authors of the fragrances are famous perfumers such as Jan Vanier, Jordi Fernandez, Luz Vaquero. But sometimes the name of the perfumer is kept secret.
Bitter oud, natural leather, smoky sandalwood, cognac notes and tart tobacco, coffee and spices - all these aromatic treasures of the East evoke true delight, uniting among themselves in exquisite combinations.
What else attracts in Attar Collection fragrances?
Berry accents with invigorating sourness, skillful use of gourmand accents and tropical fruit notes. Against this background, flower accords are perfectly revealed, which often become the leading ones in fragrances!
Attar Collection is dynamically developing and regularly pampers its admirers with new products.
This perfume takes time and attention to get to know. They need to be "spread", gradually getting to know the depth of the aroma's disclosure.

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