by Kilian

Kilian Hennessy, who was born in one of the most famous French "cognac" dynasties, conveys sensuality and his unique vision of perfumery inherited from his ancestors. The culture of the pursuit of absolute luxury and his daring, rule-breaking approach defines the philosophy of his namesake brand KILIAN.
Founded over ten years ago in 2007 by Kilian Hennessy, KILIAN presented an opus of ten fragrances that talk about love and its prohibitions, sin and innocence, darkness and light - a kind of duality that continues to shape KILIAN's creations, aesthetics and a reflection of the brand's stories.
Today KILIAN offers a menu made up of four olfactory families: The Fresh, The Narcotics, The Cellars and The Smokes. From the dark cognac cellars of his childhood memories to the most elegant Parisian evenings, where there are no forbidden desires ... KILIAN explores the space to which the scent touches so strongly, imperceptibly and boundlessly.

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