Escentric Molecules

This brand has managed to make a real revolution in the world of perfumery! Escentric Molecules' creator has proven that synthetic substances can convey the beauty of natural ingredients.

It all started in 2006 when the famous perfumer from Berlin Geza Schoen decided to open his own company. By this time, he had solid work experience. For 12 years he collaborated with the largest perfumery corporation, creating fragrances for famous brands (Diesel, French Connection`s, etc.) and fashion houses.

And so Schoen presents the first Escentric Molecules fragrances in the UK. They conquer almost the whole world overnight! Among their fans are many celebrities. For example, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Elton John, Dita Von Teese, etc.

But the real revolution took place in 2008, after the exclusive presentation of Escentric 02 and Molecule 02. Schoen created them on the basis of the chemical component Iso E Super with the effect of pheromone in order to achieve the main goal: to dispel the myths that synthetic substances cannot compete with natural ...

Escentric 02 and Molecule 02 have found passionate fans: from San Francisco to Moscow. Both fragrances are based on the AMBROX aromatic molecule. Identical to natural animal gray amber, which cannot be used in the perfume industry due to its sky-high cost, Escentric is a blend of ingredients, and Molecule is a one-component fragrance with a higher concentration of Ambroxan.

In 2010, Geza Schoen re-energized the world of perfumery by creating a new seduction formula in Escentric and Molecule 03. The perfumer used Vetiveryle Acetate, synthetic molecules of vetiver, a famous plant aphrodisiac.

Synthetic molecules are gradually absorbed by the body, creating an alluring, fresh wave of almost forbidden appeal. Once these fragrances are released, the perfume industry will never be the same again!

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