INITIO Parfums Privés

From 2015 to the present, the Initio Parfums Prives brand has presented to the discerning public more than ten fragrances that are quite diverse in terms of classification and extraordinary in terms of the stated accords of perfume compositions. You can buy Initio Parfums with confidence that you're getting something truly special to add to your collection.

To create Eau de parfum, the brand takes as a basis the highest quality raw materials, which are selected very carefully for each new perfume. All fragrances are truly revealed on the skin, where, mixing with the individual scent of a person, they create an aura of energy and good mood. Each bottle of Initio can be called a divine elixir that has tremendous power over strong men and fragile women. The name of the fragrance can only be seen on the side of the lid, which emphasizes its mystery.

A feature of the brand's perfumes is that the perfumes can be applied separately or mixed with each other, getting a more complex and sophisticated scent. This technology allows you to create a unique scent that will emphasize individuality and reveal the nature of its owner. Ingredients for eau de toilette are selected based on their characteristics and impact on humans.

Initio perfume consists of only a few notes, but despite this, it has a strong effect on the human mind. The brand collaborates with the best perfume researchers. And the result of their fruitful work was the innovative Naturoprint molecule, which has the effect of pheromones.

The company's motto is: "When science enters into diversity, it becomes art." It reflects, as well as possible, the development of the company and the introduction of innovations in the perfumery market. The brand's products can rightfully be called the quintessence of science and magic. Initio raises fragrances to new heights, with expanded powers beyond imagination

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