NISHANE Perfumes

NISHANE is the first and only niche perfume brand from Istanbul, which is well-known all over the world for its exceptional perspective on artistic perfumery. Turkey's cultural heritage gives fragrances a unique and exclusive meaning.


The brand combines all perfume accords to fully satisfy the most sophisticated tastes of connoisseurs of niche perfumery. The creation of fragrances is a whole art. To gain a good reputation in this business, you need to create truly original fragrances (Collection Rumi, Shadow Play Trilogy, Collection Le Petit Prince). Nishane is convinced that when you listen to any of their fragrances, you will be able to identify pieces of Istanbul in it.

Nishane (from Turkish "nisane") means mark, symbol, sign. As such, Nishane says it's poised to become a symbol of value, as a unique and sophisticated fragrance with elegant touches from its artistic collections of fragrances that you wear or gift to your loved ones.

Despite the fact that the first line of Extrait de Parfum fragrances was presented for the first time at the Esxence exhibition in Milan in 2015, the brand has already managed to gain success and is represented in more than 45 countries around the world.

 Absolutely all the fragrances in the collection are positioned as perfumes (extrait de parfum), because the concentration of fragrances in them reaches 30%. To achieve the desired level of richness and longevity, only the finest ingredients have been used and approved by true experts in the field. All of these features come together to craft distinct fragrances that are truly unique experiences for anyone who chooses to buy Nishane perfume.

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