Designer Shaik

Established in 2007, Designer Shaik Inc is a luxury goods house based in Bahrain, specializing in a range of exclusive accessories, high-class fragrances, jewelry, gifts, and fashion goods. The brand's ethos, "Inspired legend… Opulence & style… Being exceptional is you!" resonates through every product they create. The brand is known for its line of Shaik fragrances, inspired by the mythical prince of the desert, characterized by the richness and opulence of Arabian tales. The fragrances, born out of limitless creativity, are an embodiment of the brand founder, Mohammed Al Asfoor's desire to present a unique olfactory experience.

Designer Shaik Inc strives to build a bridge between the romance of the Orient and the practicality and style of the West. Their perfumes, a harmonious blend of Eastern allure and Western sophistication, reflect the brand's commitment to quality and uniqueness. All fragrances are meticulously handcrafted using the finest French ingredients and captured in bottles styled in an authentic Arabic manner, highlighting the brand's attention to detail and respect for craftsmanship. With plans to introduce more luxurious collections and open dedicated boutiques, Designer Shaik Inc continues to charm the world with its distinct and opulent fragrances.

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