Vertus Perfumes

The brand was founded by Turkish entrepreneur Cetin Akat in 2015. The collection of Vertus Paris perfumes contains more than 20 compositions that combine the traditions, culture of Europe and the East. The melodies are very rich, they are dominated by spicy and oud notes framed by flowers. All of them have no gender identity, so men and women can try on any perfume. The range includes universal creations for every day and perfumes for a special occasion, characterized by versatility, the brightness of disclosure with sensual musky-amber tones.

The company has developed five collections:

  • Crust - oriental perfume melodies celebrating the beauty of oud and roses;
  • Gem'ntense - a limited edition of perfumes, enclosed in luxurious bottles, hand-inlaid with stones;
  • Lava - a line of fougere spicy and fruity compositions with intriguing names;
  • Sima - fiery fresh for every day with herbal and marine motives;
  • Xenolith - sophisticated perfumes with a unique design idea in the form of gold sparkles inside the bubble.

The bottles are designed in a minimalist style. They harmoniously complement the brand idea, making the products memorable.

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