Discovery set Gritti Prive 1
Discovery set Gritti Prive 1 perfume

Discovery set GRITTI PRIVÉ 1

  • Perfume & Cologne
  • Gritti

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Gritti Privé Discovery Set: A Journey Through Italian Splendor

Evoke the grandeur of Italian palaces and the sophistication of nobility with the Gritti Privé Discovery Set. This carefully curated selection is a testament to the Gritti legacy, capturing the essence of classic luxury and timeless elegance.

Inside the signature black box adorned with the brand's emblem, the Gritti perfume discovery set reveals four opulent fragrances - Anima, Seta, Fenice, and Duchessa. Each 2ml bottle is a labor of love by the esteemed perfumer, Luca Gritti, who meticulously merges two unique accords to produce scents of unparalleled sophistication. Every inhalation transports you to the lavish corridors of Italian aristocracy, with fragrances that linger in memory and heart.

The exquisite packaging draws inspiration from the Gritti family's heirloom jewelry cases, complete with protection covers envisioned by Luca Gritti himself. The 24-carat gold plated caps add an additional touch of regality, reinforcing the set's undeniable splendor.

Indulge in the Gritti discovery set, and embark on a scented voyage through Italian history and opulence. A perfect introduction to the world of Gritti, this collection stands as an emblem of distinction and a testament to fragrance craftsmanship.

Contains: 4x2ml Extrait de Parfum samples. Crafted with passion in Italy.

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