Marc-Antoine Barrois Ganymede
Ganymede Marc-Antoine Barrois
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Marc-Antoine Barrois Ganymede sample
Ganymede Marc-Antoine Barrois sample
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For their new project, the perfumer have dreamed of a different planet: Ganymede. This rocky satellite is both luminous and covered with salt water oceans that reflect its brightness like stars in night sky (and also because it's close enough!). To create this harmony between elegance & surprise; traditional codes are broken down to make way for something more fluid-something unexpected yet still timeless at heart - into creation via using Leather notes which become softer during contact then gain lightness as they interact closely against each other while interacting beautifully alongside Mandarin und Immortelle before us .

With the Mandarin, we bring a full vivacity and acidic essence to life. It's counterpoint is Immortelle which raises scented harmony with its double-sided fragrance at times mineral or salty but also provides balance by bringing out new insights into how these smells can work together in contrary yet still complementary ways on your skin - especially near where you wear them most often: around buttons of sleeves if it be cashmere jackets; next thing one would expect there from an expensive piece made out leather (as opposed perhaps too close proximity); somewhere between collar bone level.

Imagine a world where the scents of each note answer one another in perfect harmony. This would be like finding your own scent and learning how it compares to all others, as if you were exploring new lands on an adventure-filled journey through luxury hotels or cuddly homes filled with friendly people who have charm in their pores too!
As we walk from east towards west (or vice versa), there are four directions our senses take us: north for zesty mandarins; southwards at violet light guiding us home again after long hours spent working outside ;

The unique fragrance reveals the liveliness and brilliance of mandarin and saffron, while violet and Chinese osmanthus bring softness to this olfactory structure. Immortelle absolute, Akigala tree and dry pure powdery minerals complement the beauty of "Ganymede"

Top: Mandarine, Orpur, Safran 

Heart: Violet, Chinese Osmantus, Orpur

Soul: Akigalawood, Immortelle

  • Eau de Parfum
  • Made in France


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