Theodoros Kalotinis Lemon Tart
  Lemon Tart Theodoros Kalotinis
Лимон пирог
Лимон пирог
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Лимон пирог

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  • Theodoros Kalotinis

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Побалуйте себя раем для гурманов с нашей парфюмерной водой Lemon Tart, вдохновленной неотразимыми ароматами традиционной кондитерской. Богатая маслянистая корочка источает соблазнительный аромат, который уступает место сливочной ванильной начинке и острой свежести лимонного сока. Интенсивность лимонной цедры придает этому унисекс-аромату последний всплеск притягательной силы, достигая кульминации во взрывном гурманском опыте, как никакой другой.

Если вы готовы к обонятельному путешествию, которое перенесет вас в мир декадентских угощений, Lemon Tart — идеальный аромат для вас.

НОТЫ: кислая корочка, ванильный крем, лимонный сок, масло, сахар, лимонная цедра.

  • Парфюмированная вода
  • Сделано в Греции

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews

Wow! This is a lemon pie fragrance that’s so sweet and yet mellow, and still projects beautifully!

Rebecca Braveboy

Wow! This is a lemon pie fragrance that’s so sweet and yet mellow, and still projects beautifully!

Nice but something off putting

It’s smells good for a second but I’m getting licorice and I’m not a fan of licorice. It dries down and the licorice dissipates, but the lemon tart that I get doesn’t last long.

Nice but something off putting

It’s smells good for a second but I’m getting licorice and I’m not a fan of licorice. It dries down and the licorice dissipates, but the lemon tart that I get doesn’t last long.

Not very wearable playful gourmand

Yes, this fragrance does smell like lemon tart. However, it is more “buttery” than it should, as there are no real sweet top notes. Sweet vanilla only appears during the drydown phase.

I don’t consider it very wearable, as it is more a “fun” scent than anything else. Furthermore, performance is weak, lasting around 4 hours on my skin. I don’t see any use of this fragrance beyond the occasional scent you spray for fun.

If you want a fun scent without considering its wearability, go for it! However, there are much better gourmand options out there if you want something wearable or “signature”.

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About Theodoros Kalotinis

Theodoros Kalotinis is a niche Greek natural perfume brand known for its distinct and authentic fragrances. The brand focuses on well-blended compositions using high-quality natural ingredients, such as unique essential oils of High Perfumery and alcohol distilled from natural grapes. This dedication to natural and high-quality ingredients has garnered the brand recognition and appreciation among fragrance enthusiasts.

Signature Scents

Lemon Tart Eau de Parfum (EDP)

  • Notes: Lemon, vanilla cream, butter.
  • Profile: Citrus and gourmand.
  • Experience: A simple yet beautiful and realistic scent that captures the essence of a delicious lemon tart. It’s perfect for those who love citrusy and gourmand fragrances.

Alluring Fig Eau de Parfum (EDP)

  • Notes: Fig, balanced cool and warm notes.
  • Profile: Light and smooth.
  • Experience: Suitable for everyday wear, this fragrance offers a harmonious blend that balances the fresh and creamy aspects of fig.

Coffee Addict Eau de Parfum (EDP)

  • Notes: Coffee.
  • Profile: Strong and realistic coffee scent.
  • Experience: This fragrance has received mixed reviews. Some find it a perfect representation of a strong coffee scent, while others perceive it as overly synthetic and chemical-smelling.

Exploring Alternatives

For those interested in exploring other scents from Theodoros Kalotinis, consider the following options:

Sea God Eau de Parfum (EDP)

  • Profile: Aquatic.
  • Experience: Ideal for those who enjoy fresh, marine-inspired scents that evoke the essence of the sea.

Gardenia Eau de Parfum (EDP)

  • Profile: Floral gourmand.
  • Experience: Perfect for lovers of rich floral scents with a gourmand twist, providing a lush and indulgent fragrance experience.

Unique Features

  • Natural Ingredients: Theodoros Kalotinis uses natural essential oils and alcohol distilled from natural grapes, ensuring high-quality and authentic fragrances.
  • Well-Blended Compositions: The brand is known for its well-blended scents that cater to a variety of olfactory preferences, offering both simple and complex fragrance experiences.

Criticisms and Considerations

  • Synthetic Notes: Some fragrances, like Coffee Addict, have been criticized for having synthetic and chemical-smelling notes, which may not appeal to everyone.

Discover More

Theodoros Kalotinis offers a range of captivating and high-quality fragrances that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you’re drawn to the citrusy delight of Lemon Tart or the balanced freshness of Alluring Fig, there’s something in their collection for everyone who appreciates natural and well-crafted scents.

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