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Perfume discovery sets offer an amazing opportunity to explore niche fragrances without the hefty price tag.

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Remarkable Fragrances

Exquisite scents designed to elevate your day to extraordinary levels.

Bianco Latte Giardini Di Toscana
Bianco Latte Perfume

Bianco Latte

De $21.74 USD
Bois Impérial Essential Parfums
Bois Impérial Essential Parfums Notes

Bois Imperial

De $23.00 USD
coffee addict theodoros kalotinis perfume

Coffee Addict

 - $55.00
Cherry Park Room 1015 perfume
cherry punk sample size travel decant

Cherry Punk

De $20.99 USD
Celeste Giardini Di Toscana
Celeste Giardini Perfume


De $21.74 USD
Gris Charnel BDK Parfums
Gris Charnel BDK Parfums Notes

Gris Charnel

De $24.99 USD
   Jany Sora Dora
Jany Sora Dora Notes


De $33.99 USD

Monthly Favorites: Essential Beauty Choices

Discover your ultimate beauty and self-care companions with our monthly curated selection. We handpick 10 exceptional items, highlighting the finest in fragrances and skincare, to rejuvenate and enrich your daily regimen.

Supreme Lux Eye Cream
Supreme Lux Eye Cream Luce Di Sorrento

Supreme Lux Eye Cream

 - $105.00
Queening Mind Games
Queening Mind Games  perfume


De $32.24 USD
orange Santal candle
essential parfums candle orange santal

Orange X Santal Scented Candle

 - $65.00
Gueule de bois versatile paris
Gueule de bois versatile perfume

Gueule De Bois

 - $65.00
Gourmand Bakhoor Jousset Parfums
Jousset Parfums Gourmand Bakhoor

Gourmand Bakhoor

De $29.24 USD
gossip night gritti
gossip night gritti perfume

Gossip Night

De $23.24 USD
French kiss perfume
French Kiss bybozo perfume

French Kiss

De $25.49 USD
Divine Vanille Essential Parfums
Divine Vanille Essential Parfums Notes

Divine Vanille

De $23.00 USD
Cherry Park Room 1015 perfume
cherry punk sample size travel decant

Cherry Punk

De $20.99 USD

Unique fragrances for Unique U

Endless choice of niche perfumes, fragrances for special occasions and classy colognes for highlighting your individuality.

Creamy Tuberose

Spicy Vanilla

Light & Fruity

Montale perfume

Sweet Oud

BDK parfums paris

Unique & Masculine

Classic Colognes

Parfum Exquis: Leading the Way in Innovative and Trendsetting Fragrances

From unique, groundbreaking aromas to fresh interpretations of classic fragrances, our collection is curated to inspire and delight. Experience the latest in perfumery and let your senses embark on a journey of discovery with Parfum Exquis.

Narcotic Delight Initio
Narcotic Delight Initio Notes

Narcotic Delight

De $32.24 USD
Biassanot Gritti
Biassanot Gritti Notes


De $23.24 USD
Super Nova Gritti
Super Nova Gritti Notes

Super Nova

De $27.74 USD
Pasticcio Sospiro
Pasticcio Sospiro Notes


De $29.99 USD
Dolce Melodia Sospiro
Dolce Melodia Sospiro Notes

Dolce Melodia

De $25.49 USD

Explore the World of Niche Perfumes: Parfum Exquis Blog on Exclusive Scents

Dive into our Parfum Exquis blog, a treasure trove for fragrance enthusiasts! Here, we explore the enchanting realm of niche perfumes, colognes, and fragrances. Our blog is a gateway to understanding the artistry and uniqueness of exclusive scents, offering insights, reviews, and stories behind these exquisite creations.

FAQ for Parfum Exquis Customers in the USA

If you are shipping within the USA, we are pleased to inform you that there is no charge for shipping. Enjoy complimentary shipping on all your orders, making it easier and more affordable to indulge in your favorite fragrances.

Yes, at Parfum Exquis, we guarantee the authenticity of every perfume. We are an authorized retailer for all the brands we carry, including exclusive fragrance houses like Bybozo, Les Fleurs du Golfe, and others. Every product we sell is original and of the highest quality, ensuring you receive genuine and unique scents.

Our 5ml perfume decants, offering about 70 sprays, are priced affordably, allowing you to explore new fragrances without committing to a full bottle. Similarly, the 10ml decants provide enough scent for approximately two months at a great value. These smaller sizes are perfect for testing different perfumes and discovering your ideal fragrance match.

Absolutely! We encourage exploring our range of fragrances through samples or decants. This way, you can experience the scent on your skin before deciding on a full-size purchase. It's a convenient and cost-effective method to find the fragrance that resonates with you.

Yes, we have a customer-friendly return policy. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please refer to our Return Policy guidelines on our website or contact our customer service for assistance at

Once your order is dispatched, we will provide you with a tracking number. You can use this to monitor the delivery status of your package, ensuring you are informed about its estimated arrival time.

Amazing Brands we are proud of carrying

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Sora Dora perfume

Perfume Discovery Sets

First Niche Perfume  discovery kit box set
My First Niche Perfume set

My First Niche Perfume set 5*1,5ml

De $28.96 USD
Profumum Roma discovery sample set box kit perfume

Profumum Roma Discovery Sample set 8*1,5ml

 - $37.50
vanilla perfume discovery sample set box kit

Vanilla discovery set 5*1.5ml

 - $27.00
Jul et Mad discovery sample set kit box

Jul et Mad Discovery Sample set 8*1,5ml

 - $30.00
JUSBOX discovery sample set 14*1,5ml.

JUSBOX discovery sample set 14*1,5ml.

 - $45.00
Lorenzo Pazzaglia perfume discovery sample set kit box

Lorenzo Pazzaglia Discovery Set 8*1.5ml

 - $54.00

Giardini di Toscana

A symphony of fragrances, captures the vibrant colors and sublime scents of the Tuscan gardens in each exquisite bottle.

Bianco Latte Giardini Di Toscana
Bianco Latte Perfume

Bianco Latte

De $21.74 USD
Bianca latte giardini di toscana body lotion

Bianco Latte Body Lotion

 - $50.25
Celeste Giardini Di Toscana
Celeste Giardini Perfume


De $21.74 USD
Borabora Giardini Di Toscana
Borabora Perfume


De $21.74 USD
BluIndaco Giardini Di Toscana
Blu Indaco Perfume

Blu Indaco

De $21.74 USD
Colonia Nobile Giardini Di Toscana
Colonia Nobile

Colonia Nobile

De $21.74 USD
Christos Giardini Di Toscana
Christos Giardini Di Toscana perfume


De $21.74 USD
Almafolia Giardini Di Toscana


De $21.74 USD
Bianco Oro Giardini Di Toscana
Bianco Oro Perfume

Bianco Oro

De $21.74 USD