Sky, Travel, Feel... Story behind Parfum Exquis

It has all started in 2010. By that time we had a distinct passion for traveling, that led us to the dream job in aviation. 10 years later we would be glad to share our memories of more than 14000 hours in the sky, 40 visited countries, 3 round-the-world voyages, complemented with devotion for 5-star service standards and exquisite treats. We hardly can name immediately all the cities we have explored but we still keep memories of their spirits expressed in scents. 

Predictably, Italian towns are associated with an early morning in cozy tiny cafés and a little ristretto astringent and awakening at the same time. Every note of species brings back memories of Indian winding streets and vendors with aromas hovering slightly in mid-air.

Unconsciously we always knew every location has something specific through regional flavor but had attached no importance to that.

Once we realized that it is true not only for the memories about most places but for people as well. Have you ever noticed that you associate some people with the fragrances they wear? It is more than just something sweet or flowery. We can even say, someone radiates the smell of confidence, freedom, or wealth. Exploring this phenomenon, we discovered for ourselves the new world of Perfumery and fell in love with it.

As dedicated store owners in Montreal's thriving niche perfumery scene, we continue to share our passion for scents with you. We noticed firsthand the challenge of swiftly acquiring a diverse selection of fine perfumes in Canada. The uncertainty of delivery timelines, product authenticity, packaging safety, and taxes when ordering from abroad was a compelling reason for us to establish a local niche perfumery store.

We've always been aware that each location holds a specific charm through its regional flavor, and this understanding is a vital part of our philosophy. Our mission is to use the power of perfume to help people preserve their memories and highlight their uniqueness.

We are proud to announce that we now ship to the USA, making our exquisite collection more accessible to a wider audience. In our operations, we uphold the highest service standards and remain committed to sustainability, making every effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

Here's to enriching your olfactory experiences and building an enduring relationship with you in the realm of fragrance.

Dmitrii and Stanislav


Our "Testimonials" section is a showcase of genuine experiences shared by our valued customers. It reflects the satisfaction and joy our customers have found in our services and products. Each review is a testament to our commitment to providing not just high-quality products, but also an exceptional shopping experience.

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An Unforgettable Fragrance Experience with Unmatched Service

I recently had the privilege of purchasing the much sought-after perfume, Bois Imperiale, from this remarkable store. A scent as exquisite as this isn't easy to find; in fact, it seemed that this was the only store in the area that carried this illustrious brand. This alone would have made my visit noteworthy, but what truly set this shopping experience apart was the extraordinary service.

From the moment I stepped into the store, Dmitrii was an absolute delight. His passion for fragrances was palpable, as was his extensive knowledge. The conversation we shared was nothing short of enlightening and he was more than generous with his time.

To my pleasant surprise, Dmitrii also included a few free samples along with my purchase. This thoughtful addition was the proverbial cherry on top of an already wonderful experience. It allowed me the opportunity to explore new scents that I might have otherwise overlooked.

In an age where the personal touch is often lost in retail, this store and Dmitrii in particular, stand out as a shining example of what great customer service should be. This was more than a mere transaction; it was a delightful discovery.

For anyone seeking a unique fragrance and a personalized shopping experience, I cannot recommend this store and Dmitrii's service highly enough. It's rare to find such a perfect combination of product quality, exclusive selection, and exceptional service. I look forward to my next visit.


A Perfume Paradise and Superior Service

During a recent exploration of Montreal, I discovered a new perfume shop and decided to pay a visit. What I found inside surpassed my wildest expectations, providing an experience that was nothing short of spectacular.

Stan, one of the store owners, welcomed me warmly from the moment I stepped in. His friendly demeanor instantly made me feel at home, transforming a casual visit into a delightful adventure. The passion and knowledge he exhibited for fragrances were truly exceptional, and his patience was commendable. I was granted the liberty to spend over two hours, engrossed in the aromatic world of more than 100 fragrances. This was a sensory journey unlike any other, and Stan was the perfect guide.

I ended up purchasing several fragrances, a testament to the extensive and impressive selection available. What I particularly loved were their decants, which were simply awesome. They offered an ideal way to try out a variety of scents without committing to full bottles.

This perfume shop is a true gem, a place where you are not just buying fragrances but also experiencing them. The welcoming ambiance, the vast selection, and the exceptional service make it a must-visit for any fragrance enthusiast.

I'm already looking forward to my next visit. Stan and the team, thank you for creating such a phenomenal fragrance space. Your shop is certainly on my map now, and I will definitely be back for more.


A Fragrance Haven with Top-Notch Service

As someone with a very discerning taste for fragrances, finding a store that caters to my preferences can be quite a challenge. However, my recent discovery of the 'Parfum Exquis' YouTube channel has been a game-changer, leading me to this extraordinary online store.

I hail from Toronto, where, unfortunately, we lack a physical store of this caliber. Nevertheless, the virtual shopping experience provided by this online platform has been unparalleled. The diversity and quality of the fragrances on offer are exceptional, meeting my demanding taste splendidly.

What truly set this store apart for me was the exceptional customer service. Prior to placing my first order, I reached out to the team with several queries. Their response was incredibly warm and helpful. The passion the team exhibited for their products was evident in their detailed and patient responses to all my questions. It's a rare pleasure to encounter such a level of dedication and customer care.

In conclusion, my experience with this store has been nothing short of fantastic. Despite the geographical distance, the team has made me feel valued and well-attended. I wholeheartedly recommend this store to fellow fragrance enthusiasts.

To the team at Parfum Exquis, I wish you continued success. And who knows? Perhaps one day, we'll see a store in Toronto. Here's hoping!



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