Tired of "Bleu de Chanel"? Unleash Untamed Emotions with VERSATILE Perfume Extracts!

22 oct 2023

Hey, ever sniffed a perfume and thought, 'Oh wow, Déjà-vu?' Kick déjà-sniff to the curb! VERSATILE is here, the scent-sational disruptor kicking down 'perfume-otypes' and those bougie myths.

Heavy caps? Nah, for us, it's all about that inner essence, not the gym session.

100% natural? They're all about mixing n' matching for that eco-friendly, everlasting scent vibe. Our bottles might be petite, but they've got a mighty aroma punch! And here's the juicy bit - dive into our collection and encounter fragrances so scrumptiously delightful, you'd swear they're straight off a dessert menu.

Guelue de bois perfume

Yup, we're serving up olfactory treats that’ll have your mouth watering. (Though, remember, savor with your nose, not your taste buds! Crafted with Parisian flair, a sprinkle of sass, and a dash of rebellion. So, are you ready for 2024? We're reshuffling the perfume deck, and trust us, it's gonna be a f*cking fabulous journey!

Stay scent-sational and let your nose feast! Experience the magic of the finest perfume oil and dive deep into a world where every aroma tells a story.

Nostalgia in a Bottle: Unveiling "God Bless Cola" - The Scent of Cinematic Indulgence.

Dive into VERSATILE's latest scent masterpiece—a fusion of playful and sophisticated notes in a sleek 15ml roll-on format. Beginning with nostalgic whiffs of sparkling cola, popcorn, caramel, and vanilla, this perfume is an avant-garde take on gourmand fragrances. As it evolves, warm notes of buttery popcorn from France mix with spicy Ceylon cinnamon and deep Black Vanilla Absolute from Madagascar.


Conceived by FLAIR's junior perfumers, Elia CHICHE and Camille CHEMARDIN, it's a modern blend of synthetic and natural ingredients. Genderless, vegan, and alcohol-free, this scent is not just a fragrance but an experience, echoing the magic of a movie night. Every spray is an invitation to a cinematic adventure. 

Indulge in Morning Whispers: "Croissant Café" - A Symphony of Gourmand Elegance.

Allow us to introduce you to VERSATILE, a luxury fragrance that stands as the pinnacle of the best versatile perfumes. Masterfully crafted by the ingenious Junior Perfumer Elia CHICHE, this oil perfumery gem unveils a Neo Tonka interpretation that whispers tales of creamy cappuccinos and the seductive allure of buttery, toasted notes. Encased in a nomadic format, every roll-on application promises to be an intimate ritual—a sensory journey through rich warm spicy heart notes of almond and hay, anchored by velvety base tones of sandalwood and caramel.


With its genderless and vegan blend, this alcohol-free concoction, concentrated at 32%, effortlessly marries natural essences from Spain's sweet almonds and Brazil's tonka beans with the refined artistry of synthetic elements. It's not just a fragrance—it's a daily indulgence that lasts through fall, winter, and year-round. Whether you're expanding your fragrance collection or searching for a signature scent, this perfume is sure to envelop you in its gourmand embrace, evoking cozy mornings and the irresistible urge to linger over breakfast.

Mediterranean Reverie: "Sea, Sud & Sun" - An Ode to the Riviera's Allure.

Allow us to introduce you to the epitome of versatile fragrances: VERSATILE, an olfactory masterpiece by Anne-Sophie Behaghel, a perfumer with unparalleled flair. Among designer brands, this standout cologne for men is meticulously designed to capture the essence of the South of France.


With a fragrance description that paints a vivid tapestry of fresh pastis, lush fig, and invigorating iced neroli, VERSATILE dances on the skin, revealing undercurrents of musky Tropezian notes, evoking the salty embrace of the Mediterranean sea. In this exceptional blend, you'll find a luxurious marriage of natural and synthetic ingredients, harmoniously combined in a mini, yet maximally concentrated roll-on format. As the aroma unfolds, it remains original, alcohol-free, genderless, and vegan, setting it apart in a realm of monotonous designer scents. 


In the ever-evolving world of fragrances, VERSATILE Paris stands as a beacon of innovation, artistry, and authenticity. Each scent, from the cinematic allure of "God Bless Cola" to the morning serenade of "Croissant Café" and the balmy embrace of "Sea, Sud & Sun," encapsulates a unique narrative, a journey waiting to be embarked upon. These fragrances defy conventional norms, transcending gender and societal boundaries, showcasing the perfect symphony of nature's bounty and man's craftsmanship.

As the new year beckons, it's time to redefine your olfactory palette and let your senses dive deep into a realm where every aroma paints a vivid tapestry of emotions, memories, and desires. Whether you're seeking a fragrance that complements your everyday style or one that stands out in a crowd, VERSATILE Paris promises a scent-sational adventure like no other. So, why wait? Explore the entirety of the VERSATILE Paris collection, and let your scent journey redefine fragrance in 2024 and beyond.

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