Gritti Rebrode Review

A Nostalgic Blend in Gritti Rebrode: The Juicy Fruit Gum Experience

Jun 1, 2024

At one point in my life, I lived in a bustling city center where the streets were full of a variety of people from different ages and backgrounds. I have always been passionate about collecting unique fragrances and often look for those that tell a story or evoke memories or just bring joy. One day, while walking along the street, I noticed a group of teenagers blowing bubbles with chewing gum, and it reminded me of my childhood. At that moment, I desired something simple, sweet, and filled with innocent delight. I realized then that I desperately wanted chewing gum or rather the scent of it in my perfume collection, and so I went in search of it.

Exquisite packaging: gold design Rebrode Gritti

Rebrode Gritti Box

A gorgeous box with gold streaks, like a work of fluid art. So interesting and elegant at the same time. The packaging's all white with a golden label that says "Rebrode". The lid's amazing - it has an even prettier gradient than the box! I love the packaging!

Gritti Rebrode:  A Symphony of Fruity and Floral Notes

It's cool for women. The top notes are fruity, with lemon, mandarin and red berries creating a bright, uplifting aroma that instantly lifts my mood. As the scent develops, the middle notes add a touch of passion fruit and floral notes, which give it a more sophisticated feel. But I have to say, the base notes – musk, woods, vanilla and patchouli – are a little too strong for my liking. Still, I think it's ideal for warmer months, with its medium projection and long-lasting power. All in all, this perfume is fresh and delightful.

Gritti Rebrode (2)

Rebrode Gritti: Perfume with the smell of fruit and creamy chewing gum 

It reminded me of that juicy fruit gum. You know, the expensive and delicious kind that's so tasty? It's a passionate blend of fruity flavors with a creamy citrus lollipop scent. Man, that stuff is so addictive! It makes me wish everything smelled like this fragrance.

That fragrance reminded me a bit of Cassiopeia by Tiziana Terenzi, with its light, sweet start, and Erba Pura by Sospiro perfumes, with all those fruity notes.

Gritti Rebrode

In conclusion, Gritti Rebrode is a nostalgic blend that takes me back to my teenage years when I would chew on juicy fruit gums all day. Though the base notes may be a bit overwhelming for some, this perfume is perfect for brightening those warm summer days. Overall, Gritti Rebrode fragrance offers a fresh and delightful scent that will put a smile on your face.




What are the key notes in Rebrode Gritti?

Rebrode Gritti features a delightful blend of fruity and floral notes. The top notes include lemon, mandarin, and red berries, creating a bright and uplifting aroma. The heart of the fragrance is enriched with passion fruit and floral notes, while the base is composed of musk, woods, vanilla, and patchouli.

Is Rebrode Gritti suitable for everyday wear?

Yes, Rebrode Gritti is versatile and can be worn daily.

How long does Rebrode Gritti last on the skin?

Rebrode Gritti is known for its longevity. On average, it lasts around 6-8 hours on the skin, though this can vary depending on individual skin chemistry and environmental factors.

Is Rebrode Gritti a unisex fragrance?

Rebrode Gritti is marketed primarily towards women due to its fruity and floral composition. However, fragrance preferences are subjective, and some men may also enjoy wearing it, especially if they appreciate sweet and sophisticated scents.

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