Review of African Queen by Jousset

African Queen Jousset: Unusual and versatile at the same time

Apr 14, 2024

In the world of fragrances, there are perfumes that hold just a scent but an entire story, a game that unfolds gradually with each inhale. The gusty wind, raindrops on flowers, warm citruses from distant lands, spicy notes of exotic spices… And that's what African Queen Jousset is all about! It so happened that I completely forgot about the bottle of African Queen Jousset my sister gave me a couple of years ago. They belong to the category of sweet, warm, and slightly crazy scents, and I'll explain why "crazy" below.

The Snow-White Bottle: Elegance in the style of Jousset African Queen 

Jousset African queen

The bottle has a simple shape, but oh, it's so white! It's like freshly fallen snow! The sprayer is of a comfortable shape, a golden hue. The color matches the label, which also features yellow elements and a beautiful inscription of the perfume's name "African Queen Jousset."

An Intriguing Play of Notes: the Enigmatic African Queen Jousset

African Queen perfume Jousset

When I first tried Jousset African Queen, I was captivated by its enchanting blend of scents. You initially sense almond and lemon notes, then suddenly dark chocolate emerges - such a unique and captivating aroma! Bulgarian rose and jasmine give this scent a romantic touch, while base notes of tonka bean and patchouli offer a multidimensional experience when combined with other notes. I'd say it's a great fit for both women and men, but it suits young girls the best. It's playful and childlike, immersing you in a world of fantasy and adventure! Moreover, it's suitable for all seasons. I can't claim that African Queen Jousset is only for scorching African summers.

So, how does African Queen Jousset actually smell?

African Queen fragrance review

I was amazed by the complex, unique scent of Jousset African Queen. It seemed like this perfume could evoke either love or hate - but that's precisely what makes it so captivating. The lemon notes initially reminded me of dishwashing liquid, but after drying down, a lovely lemon cake scent emerged. I then detected the sweet aroma of rose tonka, transitioning into the scent of sugared raspberries. Over time, it started reminding me of loose makeup powder - yes, that's the kind of variety it offers. However, the familiar rose lingers throughout the fragrance, making African Queen Jousset more understandable and appealing.

It's hard to pinpoint similar scents, but I would say that African Queen Jousset reminds me of Amorous Intense by Navitus Parfums.



In conclusion, Jousset African Queen transports you to a captivating world of fantasy and adventure from the first inhale. Its multifaceted notes, ranging from lemon and almond to dark chocolate, create a unique blend that emphasizes the romantic and playful side of its wearer. African Queen Jousset knows no seasonal boundaries, effortlessly accentuating the individuality of a young fashionista, a confident woman, or a liberated man. Enjoy this scent and let your emotions travel through time and restrictions.


Is African Queen Jousset suitable for all seasons?

Yes, African Queen Jousset is designed to be a versatile fragrance that can be enjoyed year-round, making it suitable for varying climates and occasions.

What are the key notes in Jousset African Queen fragrance?

The key notes in African Queen Jousset include almond, lemon, dark chocolate, Bulgarian rose, jasmine, tonka bean, and patchouli, creating a unique and captivating scent profile.

Is Jousset African Queen a unisex fragrance?

African Queen Jousset is described as a playful and romantic fragrance that is often preferred by young girls. While marketed towards a specific demographic, fragrance preferences are personal, and individuals of any gender can enjoy this captivating scent.

How long does the scent of African Queen last?

African Queen Jousset boasts good longevity, with the notes evolving on the skin over time. The fragrance's lasting power can vary based on individual skin chemistry and application method.

Are there any fragrances similar to African Queen Jousset that perfume lovers might also enjoy?

For those who appreciate the enchanting blend of African Queen Jousset, fragrances like Amorous Intense by Navitus Parfums may also appeal to their olfactory preferences, offering a sensory journey of love and adventure.

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