Blanc Polychrome Atelier des Ors Fragrance Review

Dazzle and Delight with Blanc Polychrome Atelier des Ors

Jun 7, 2024

Have you ever bought a perfume just because of the bottle? I bet a lot of people do! I mean, how can you resist when you're in front of a masterpiece like Blanc Polychrome? By the way, I noticed that lately it's become more convenient to buy stuff online. In physical stores, I get all confused and leave empty-handed.  So, I picked up another online perfume from the Blank Polychrome Atelier des Ors. You know, I really like those citrus summer scents. This year, I wanted something with a little more of that juicy fruity flavour.

Stunning Gold Sequin Bottle - The Perfect Addition to Your Collection!

Perfume Blanc Polychrome Atelier des Ors

Unveiling the transparent bottle with its stable shape, I'm captivated by its allure. Adorned with mesmerizing gold sequins that dance inside, Blanc Polychrome is a true showstopper - radiant, glamorous, and utterly photogenic. This exquisite design deserves to be displayed proudly, not tucked away.

Blanc Polychrome Atelier des Ors: Bright, sweet, and sultry fragrance

Blanc Polychrome has a bright top with lemon, mandarin, and rhubarb. Then it turns into a slightly sweet scent with petitgrain, jasmine, lavender, and fig. And it ends with musk, ambroxan, and moss. It's perfect for warmer months, I think. What really surprised me was how long it lasted! Blanc Polychrome stayed on my skin for 11 whole hours, without a strong trail.

Blanc Polychrome: Feel Refreshed with Green Citrus

Fragrance Blanc Polychrome Atelier des Ors

On the first sniff, I got a whiff of bright lemon and the scent also reminded me of a bit of petitgrain . My friends say that Blanc Polychrome reminds them of fresh lemony cleaning stuff . The perfume has a fresh, citrus, green smell. To me, Blanc Polychrome has a perfect, balanced combination of energizing elements that make you feel fresh.

This fragrance is somewhat similar to Aqua Universalis Maison Francisco Kurkdjian and Acqua Viva Profumum Roma

In conclusion, this perfume encapsulates a symphony of refreshing notes that awaken the senses and linger throughout the day. From its captivating packaging to its enduring fragrance, this scent is a delightful companion for me. It exudes freshness and sophistication, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate quality in their fragrance.

Blanc Polychrome Atelier des Ors Perfume


What are the main notes in Blanc Polychrome by Atelier des Ors?

Answer: Blanc Polychrome opens with bright notes of lemon, mandarin, and rhubarb. The heart reveals a slightly sweet blend of petitgrain, jasmine, lavender, and fig. The base features musk, ambroxan, and moss, providing a well-rounded and lasting fragrance profile.

How long does Blanc Polychrome last on the skin?

Blanc Polychrome has impressive longevity, lasting up to 11 hours on the skin. Its performance is notable for maintaining a consistent presence without a strong, overpowering trail.

Is Blanc Polychrome a unisex fragrance?

Yes, Blanc Polychrome is considered a unisex fragrance. Its balanced blend of citrus, sweet, and green notes makes it appealing to a wide range of individuals, regardless of gender.

Does Blanc Polychrome have a strong scent trail?

No, Blanc Polychrome does not have a strong scent trail. But it has impressive longevity more 10 hours

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