Dama Bianca Xerjoff review

Embrace your inner goddess with Dama Bianca Xerjoff

May 31, 2024

So, my colleagues got me this thing for my birthday, when I was at the office. It  was so cute! They even put up pink balloons, knowing I love all that girly stuff. So today, I want to tell you about my new Dama Bianca Xerjoff perfume. It's like it goes right into my cells and opens up a whole new world of feminity for me.

Exquisite Packaging and Elegant Design: Dama Bianca Xerjoff 

I was totally blown away by the packaging of Dama Bianca Xerjoff. It's so delicate and harmonious. The bottle has a really cool shape with all those details and that cute little thread tassel on the lid. Dama Bianca just looks so feminine and pretty. I love holding the bottle in my hands and admiring the elegant design. It really matches the fragrance perfectly. And that thread tassel just adds so much charm and romance to it. I can't help but want to touch it all the time!

Dama Bianca Xerjoff (3)

Dama Bianca : Elegant Powderiness and Floral Aromas

Xerjoff Dama Bianca for women starts with a fresh, bright scent of kumquat and lime. Then I feel that it blossoms with violets, Italian irises, lilacs, Egyptian jasmines, and lilies of the valley. It ends with vanilla, malt, white musk, ambrette, sandalwood, and cedarwood. The start is kinda insular, but it's elegant and gives the impression of a statuesque woman. After a while, the powdery notes stay, giving the perfume a mature and tender feel. Dama Bianca is perfect for winter. Although it doesn't last long on my skin (about 6 hours), it leaves a gorgeous trail.

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Nostalgic Memories and Warm Embrace: Dama Bianca Xerjoff

The warm floral-powdery bouquet of Dama Bianca Xerjoff evokes memories of wonderful moments from my past. The scent of white wine and delicate powders envelopes me in a captivating cloud of nostalgia. Inhaling this fragrance brings back the smell of my childhood, when I would climb into my mother's bag in search of her cosmetics. Dama Bianca smells like a stylish, slightly worn leather bag where the aromas of lipstick and powder harmoniously blend together, creating a lovely and complex scent that evokes fond memories.

This fragrance reminds me of Cheirosa '40 Sol de Janeiro and the equally powdery Junoon Noir Al Haramain Perfumes

Dama Bianca Xerjoff

Dama Bianca by Xerjoff, with its feminine scent and cool vibe, is definitely one of my favorites. The powdery floral notes wrap me in warmth and a sense of nobility 100%, and I don't want to let it go. Though it could've been better in persistence, that perfume is a great addition to any outfit, adding charm and warmth to your look.



What are the main notes in Xerjoff  Dama Bianca?

Dama Bianca features a blend of kumquat, lime, Italian iris, violet, lilac, Egyptian jasmine, vanilla, ambrette, cedar, sandalwood, and musk. The combination creates a sweet, floral, and slightly powdery fragrance.

Is Dama Bianca  Xerjoff suitable for everyday wear?

Yes, Dama Bianca is versatile and can be worn daily.

How long does Dama Bianca last on the skin?

Dama Bianca is known for its excellent longevity, typically lasting between 8 to 10 hours on the skin. However, longevity can vary depending on individual skin chemistry and environmental factors.

How does Dama Bianca compare to other Xerjoff fragrances?

Dama Bianca is often praised for its unique blend of sweet and powdery notes, setting it apart from other Xerjoff fragrances. While Xerjoff is known for its opulent and diverse scent collections, Dama Bianca stands out for its elegant simplicity and versatility.

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