Montale Dark Purple perfume

Enchant with your mysterious charm with Montale perfume Dark Purple.

Feb 27, 2024

When I stayed overnight at my friend's place, I noticed a bottle of perfume on her vanity. She kindly offered to share it with me and spritzed a few times on me. As the scent cloud enveloped me, I felt it seamlessly blend with my skin. It was warm, sweet, and mysterious, almost beckoning me into a vibrant world of art and beauty. Since then, Montale perfume Dark Purple has become my favorite, reminding me of our girls' night and how we grow closer. Now, every time I wear it, I feel confident and truly feminine.

Captivating Montale perfume Dark Purple

Darp purple montale perfume review

The dark purple bottle, reminiscent of a plum, exudes an aura of magic and luxury. The convenient spray nozzle Montale perfume Dark Purple allows for easy and precise application, enhancing the user experience. The minimalist packaging design emphasizes the elegance of this fragrance. Montale Paris Dark Purple is a perfume that captivates from the first moment and mesmerizes with its scent.

Where, When and How - all you want to know about Montale perfume Dark Purple

Dark Purple fragrance

A feminine fragrance belonging to the oriental floral group, as if it opens the gates to a mysterious garden with ripe fruits before you. The top notes of Montale Paris Dark Purple plum and orange create an unforgettable bright introduction, while the middle notes of rose, red berries, patchouli, and geranium give it incredible depth. The concluding base notes of musk, teakwood, and amber leave behind a mesmerizing trail, with the scent of rose standing out. I specifically bought it for the sad autumn days to lift my spirits and avoid feeling down, so I believe it is perfect for the chilly seasons. The longevity of Montale Paris Dark Purple amazes me - it accompanied me throughout the day, immersing everyone around me in a world of exquisite and enchanting scents 

Montale perfume Dark Purple: gentle and seductive

It's a love at first sniff. At first, my nose assumed it was definitely some vintage perfume for elegant and stern ladies. So, I want to warn you that Montale perfume Dark Purple requires a certain level of elegance both externally and internally. The scent immediately brought to mind slightly acidified fruits, dried flowers and as well as burgundy, heavy, large roses. The plum in the fragrance is so ripe and juicy that I called it "on the edge", black. Montale perfume Dark Purple has everything: the Orient, fruits, flowers - I am delighted by it! 


This fragrance reminds me of Roses Musk Montale due to the rose notes and also evokes memories of Wisal Ajmal, thanks to its floral nuances. 

I recommend Montale perfume Dark Purple for those who want to emphasize their mystery and sensuality. Its oriental-floral notes seem to awaken mystery and femininity, immersing you in a world of allure and enigmas. I must praise the convenient spray nozzle, which makes using the perfume comfortable, allowing you to enjoy the scent at any moment. The bright opening with hints of plum and orange transitions into deep notes of rose and patchouli, while the concluding notes of musk and amber leave a delightful trail. By using this fragrance, you will definitely stand out from the crowd, attracting attention with your exquisite choice. Montale perfume Dark Purple will be a faithful companion throughout the day, thanks to its longevity, enveloping you in an exquisite and captivating aroma.

Is Montale perfume Dark Purple long lasting? 

It’s very resistant and on the skin and on clothes it lasted for more than 12 hours

How does Montale perfume Dark Purple smell?

This is a fragrance for women, it belongs to the oriental floral group. Top notes are Plum and Orange; middle notes are Rose, Red berries, Patchouli and Geranium; base notes are Musk, Teak and Amber.

When should I wear Montale Paris Dark Purple?

It’s more suitable for the cold seasons. You can wear it according to your mood, it can be your daily scent or something evening and seductive.

Can I buy Montale Dark Purple sample?

Yes you are, we are happy to offer free shipping on all orders for USA and Canada.



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