Gritti Mango aoud review

Discover the Freshness: A Review of Gritti Mango Aoud with Dark Oud Undertones

Mar 29, 2024

I don't know what happened to me that evening, but I made an atypical order in a way I never had before. I found myself on a favorite website of many perfume enthusiasts, browsing through images, getting more and more tempted. A masterpiece of a scent, judging by the description! Yet, I can't even imagine what it smells like, not even remotely. How can one live with this curiosity? I felt the urge to add it to my collection, but ordering perfume without testing it personally is exciting and a first for me. And so, braving this adventure, I settled on Gritti Mango Aoud!

Enchanting Packaging of the Fragrance Gritti Mango Aoud

Gritti Mango aoud perfume

When I saw the box and bottle of Mango Aoud Gritti on the website, I was charmed by the vibrancy, something I've been missing - tired of the beige aesthetics. The colors of the box - turquoise and orange - merged into a bright gradient that literally made me dance with delight. The bottle mirrored this beauty, with the glass color resembling a mythical bird shimmering in the light. I couldn't wait to spritz this fragrance on myself, to immerse myself in a world of positivity and a hot summer beach. Undoubtedly, the packaging of Gritti Mango Aoud is a source of divine energy and inspiration for me.

Vibrant Longevity of Gritti Mango Aoud

Gritti mango oud cologne

Mmm, my friends! Gritti Mango Aoud fragrance is pure delight! This scent feels like it was tailored for me, yet I believe it would also suit men excellently! The blend of mango, neroli, and guava in the top notes is a sensory explosion, while coconut milk and ylang-ylang in the heart add tenderness. The base notes of oud, vanilla, and amber make this fragrance perfect for warm seasons. And let me tell you, the longevity is phenomenal! It leaves a trail that can mesmerize everyone around. Dare to try Gritti Mango Aoud, you won't regret it!

Immerse Yourself in the 2000s Disco Vibes with Gritti Mango Aoud

The juicy and soft fruity note of green mango blends perfectly with a woody chord and warm resins. The sour-sweet notes transform into a warm sweetness, leaving a feeling of light joy and comfort. This fragrance transports us straight back to the 2000s, reminiscing about the unique atmosphere of that era. Bright parties, glamour, and dancing until dawn - that's the atmosphere of Gritti Mango Aoud. If you're seeking something fresh and exciting, Mango Aoud Gritti is an excellent choice for you.



This fragrance is reminiscent of Mangonifiscent Unique'e Luxury with its combination of fruity and woody notes, and somewhat resembles Casablanca by Swiss Arabian.

This is truly an amazing fragrance that captivates with its bright notes of mango, neroli, and guava. The combination of coconut milk and ylang-ylang gives Gritti Mango Aoud tenderness, while the base notes of oud, vanilla, and amber make it an ideal choice for summer days. The longevity of this scent is truly impressive, leaving a tempting trail behind. I recommend trying this fragrance for both women and men, as it can truly enhance your bold style. Surprising and luxurious, Mango Aoud Gritti will surely transport you to the vibe of cool 2000s parties.


What are the key notes in Mango Aoud Gritti?

Gritti Mango Aoud features a unique blend of mango, aoud, and other exotic notes, creating a vibrant and inviting fragrance experience.

Is Mango Aoud Gritti suitable for daytime or evening wear?

Mango Aoud Gritti is a versatile fragrance that can be worn during the day for a vibrant and refreshing feel, or in the evening for a more exotic and sensual vibe.

What inspired the creation of Gritti Mango Aoud?

Inspired by the amazing culture of Mexico and India, Mango Aoud by Gritti turned out to be a fascinating fusion that combines different worlds. The composition embodies an eclectic mix of memories, tastes and aromas of these two cultures.

Can I buy a Mango Aoud Gritti  sample?

yes you are, we are happy to offer free shipping on all orders for USA and Canada

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