Novelties from Theodoros Kalotinis

Geia sou! Or hello from sunny Greece, with novelties from Theodoros Kalotinis

Jul 2, 2024

I've recently had the pleasure of exploring the latest creations from Theodoros Kalotinis, and I must say, their new fragrances are nothing short of captivating. They're designed for both men and women and have a variety of smells that will make you fall in love with them. Each one has a different story to tell, using the best ingredients and made with great care. I can't wait to share my thoughts on each one with you.

A delicate dessert that melts in your mouth: Creme Brulee 

This perfume is a delightful fragrance that will please both men and women. If you love milky scents, this one is sure to captivate you! Inspired by a fancy Parisian bakery, this scent captures the essence of a creamy, delicious creme brulee. The coconut milk adds a rich, creamy smell, perfectly paired with notes of whipped cream, caramelized sugar, and vanilla. On my skin, it starts with a strong coconut scent that gradually transforms into a creamy vanilla custard creme brulee. There's a slightly powdery, dry quality to it that's sweet without being too sweet. It's versatile and long-lasting - it lasted about 7 hours on me! It  is perfect for any season!

A childhood memory: Pear Gelato 

It is a delicious scent for everyone, perfect for warm weather and especially summertime. It smells just like a pear gelato cone on a sunny day! The scent has all the flavors of a real pear ice cream pear, milk, vanilla, and even a hint of waffle cone. It's so realistic, it takes me right back to my childhood summers! The smell lasts about 6 hours, so it's easy to enjoy all day long. I love how it evokes those warm summer memories, and it's just so comforting. If you love pears and ice cream, you'll definitely love this one!

Passionate dance of lavender and citrus notes: Sexiest Fougere 

It is an unisex scent that's perfect for the warmer months. It's an olfactory bomb, with lavender and vanilla front and center, and citrus notes playing second fiddle. The lavender and citrus are like two precious stones - juicy, balanced and delicious. On me, the scent lasted about 8 hours, then stayed close to my skin. The drydown is where it gets interesting - amber and vanilla take over, enhanced by labdanum. It creates an oily, luxurious feeling that's just sublime.

Sexiest Fougere Theodoros Kalotinis Review

The powder in its most refined form: Cherry Powder 

This is a really interesting fragrance for both guys and girls, perfect for any season. It's got notes of powder, cherries, macarons, and milk, making it a unique scent. When I first smell it, it's like cherry cough syrup, but then it becomes powdery. The cherry note is soft and far away, like distant cherry candy or cherry jam, without any sugar. Instead, it has a strong, powdery smell, almost like soap. On my skin, it lasts for about 6 hours and gives you a special and interesting smell.

Cherry Powder Theodoros Kalotinis Review

Theodoros Kalotinis have really outdone it with their new fragrances! Each one is so unique and magical. Creme Brulee is so creamy and sweet, like a dream. Pear Gelato is so nostalgic and delicious, just like a childhood treat. Sexiest Fougere is so bold and alluring, like a seductive scent. And Cherry Powder is so complex and intriguing, like a mystery waiting to be solved. These smells are so versatile and long-lasting. They're crafted with so much attention to detail. Whether you need a special occasion scent or a daily signature, these new scents from Theodoros will leave a lasting impression!

Natalie’s Knowledgeable assessment

Pear Gelato:

A refreshing, fruity delight with juicy pear notes, perfect for casual outings and sunny days. Its balanced sweetness makes it versatile and unisex. If you think you don;t like gourmand- just try this one!

Crème Brûlée:

A warm, inviting scent with vanilla and caramel notes, reminiscent of the creamy dessert. Ideal for cooler weather and intimate gatherings, with a slightly feminine appeal but still unisex.

Sexiest Fougere:

A captivating blend of lavender, oakmoss, and tonka bean, exuding confidence and allure. Perfect for evenings and special occasions, this unisex fragrance adds elegance and sensuality.

Cherry Powder:

A playful yet refined scent with sweet cherry and powdery notes. Great for everyday wear, it transitions seamlessly from day to night, suitable for both men and women.

Each fragrance from Theodoros Kalotinis offers high-quality, lasting scents for any occasion.


What are the latest novelties from Theodoros Kalotinis?

Theodoros Kalotinis has recently released a new collection that features unique fragrances inspired by natural elements and exotic destinations. Their names Creme Brulee, Pear Gelato, Sexiest Fougere, Cherry Powder

Are Theodoros Kalotinis perfumes cruelty-free?

Yes, Theodoros Kalotinis perfumes are cruelty-free. The brand is committed to ethical practices and does not test its products on animals.

What does Creme Brulee perfume smell like?

Creme brulee perfume typically features a rich, sweet scent reminiscent of the classic dessert. Notes often include vanilla, caramel, and a hint of toasted sugar, creating a warm and inviting fragrance.

What are the main notes in Cherry Powder perfume?

Cherry powder perfume typically features top notes of cherry and almond, middle notes of powdery florals, and base notes of vanilla and musk. This combination creates a sweet and delicate fragrance with a powdery finish.

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