Paragon initio review
N Nastya Novosad

Immersing into Calmness with Paragon Initio Parfums Prives

Mar 11, 2024

One summer, I went on a retreat (a spiritual practice-focused time) and got fascinated by incenses there. I started collecting them as souvenirs. My boyfriend noticed my new passion and surprised me with a gift - a package of Paragon Initio perfume. This scent was incredibly captivating, like magic. It quickly became my favourite fragrance, overshadowing all the scented sticks in my collection. Now, I feel unique and alluring, as if I've become part of something magical.

Aesthetics and Luxury: Packaging of Paragon Initio

Initio Paragon perfume review

Upon receiving these fragrances, I was amazed by their appearance. The Initio Paragon box looked so luxurious and aesthetic that I wanted to photograph it and couldn't take my eyes off it. The luxurious white color of the box and the beautiful diamond-shaped pattern on the bottle created an incredible image. The sprayer works flawlessly. Not only is the bottle beautiful, but the Paragon Initio scent itself - it envelops me in a delicate trail of mystery and luxury, transporting me to a world of tranquility.

Initio Paragon: Harmony in Every Bottle

Paragon initio perfume review

This "sacred wood" scent palo santo, blended with white sage and agarwood, will align your mind with the right vibrations and fill you with positive emotions. The scent is long-lasting, though its sillage is noticeable but not extremely strong. The combination of notes in Paragon Initio makes it ideal for wearing year-round. Feel the special mood of harmony and calmness with Paragon Initio Paragon.

Mysterious Trail of Initio Paragon

Initio review

I believe you can truly feel all the beauty of Initio Paragon fragrances only when they envelop you with their incredible notes. Lavender, sage, and bergamot in the top notes create an atmosphere as if you're meditating, and the middle notes of plum, palo santo, and black pepper add depth and mystery to this feeling. The base of the fragrance reveals the true nature of palo santo and white sage, reminiscent of incense. Lavender transitions smoothly into palo santo, creating a unique blend of creaminess and warmth. And the perfume's base is simply delightful - expensive, rich, and enveloping with a certain churchy-woodland sweetness. Paragon Initio is just what you need for moments of deep introspection.

This perfume reminds me of Vintage Radio Lattafa Perfumes, very similar in composition and sound, and Rehab Initio Parfums Prives with its lavender note.



In conclusion, it can be said that the Paragon Initio scent is truly unique and magical. The bottle is well-designed and executed in an aesthetic style, adding even more charm to the image. The sprayer works flawlessly, providing easy and even application of the scent. Its incredible notes create an atmosphere of meditation and mystery, immersing you in a world of depth and warmth. The true nature of palo santo and white sage unfolds in the fragrance's base, reminiscent of incenses and bringing a sense of preciousness. Initio Paragon offers an unmatched combination of creaminess and warmth, creating a surrounding scent of churchy-woodland sweetness. The base of the perfume is simply delightful, possessing an expensive and rich character. Feel all the beauty of this scent and let it unfold its stunning potential on your skin.


How do I check Initio Paragon for originality?

The fake is given out by fuzzy characters. Genuine perfumes have a very neat bottle and cardboard box. There are no rough seams on the bottle, and the inscriptions are not erased with a finger. The box has a very high-quality seal, and the spray tube is neat and reaches the bottom.

What does Initio Paragon smell like?

Top notes are Lavender, Sage and Bergamot; middle notes are Plum, Palo Santo and Black pepper; base notes are sandalwood and Oud.

What is the history of Initio?

The name Initio means something like beginning. It refers to the return to the origins of fragrances and their magical role. The French brand was founded in 2014 and bases it’s concept on scientific findings: Scents extra power on our psyche and directly influence human behavior through our emotions.

Can I buy a  Initio Paragon sample?

yes you are, we are happy to offer free shipping on all orders for USA and Canada

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