Review Cherry Ink Lorenzo Pazzaglia Perfume

Incredibly Beautiful Cherry: Cherry Ink by Lorenzo Pazzaglia

Apr 29, 2024

When Lorenzo Paglia launched his latest creation, Cherry Ink, I was intrigued to discover how this brand would interpret the scent of cherry. Its recognizable, rich aroma of cherry is something many desire. Though not a big fan of cherry, I don't indulge in it often, unlike summer fruits like strawberries. But when I bite into a juicy cherry, it's simply delicious! And what a fragrance it carries!

Flirtatious Cherry Ink by Lorenzo Pazzaglia

Let's skip describing the bottle since it's familiar and similar to others from Lorenzo Pazzaglia. The label choices differ slightly; for instance, the owl logo looks flirtatious against a pink background. Lorenzo Pazzaglia Cherry Ink comes in a cute package and the cap is user-friendly for daily use.

Review Cherry Ink Lorenzo Pazzaglia

Unconventional Cherry Scent: Cherry Ink by Lorenzo Pazzaglia

The blend of cherry, almond, rum, and black pepper in the top notes sets a mysterious tone reminiscent of natural cherry nectar. Middle notes of ink, red wine, and damask rose give Cherry Ink Lorenzo Pazzaglia depth, while base notes of tonka bean, musk, and oud provide longevity. Interestingly, Lorenzo Pazzaglia Cherry Ink stayed on me for a long time, but after about 3 hours, it shifted to a slightly bitter, viscous broken cherry pit scent. A truly versatile unisex scent for any season!

Cherry Ink by Lorenzo Pazzaglia: A 2000s Nostalgia Scent

This fragrance is unique, playful, and juicy. Cherry Ink Lorenzo Pazzaglia features hints of lip gloss shimmer, making it a perfect choice for those seeking something new and extraordinary. It delicately combines inkiness and sweet shimmer notes, reminiscent of the days when we adorned letters with colorful, scented glitter pens in the 2000s.

This scent is similar to Dark Cherry & Amber by Banana Republic and Vicebomb by Simone Andreoli.

Cherry Ink Lorenzo Pazzaglia Review

The combination of cherry, almond, rum, black pepper, ink, red wine, damask rose, tonka bean, musk, and oud makes Lorenzo Pazzaglia Cherry Ink distinctive and multi-faceted. Its longevity is impressive, leaving a trace of a slightly bitter, viscous broken cherry pit scent behind. This unisex fragrance is suitable for all seasons, evolving rapidly on the skin and creating a mysterious impression. Incredibly beautiful, this scent has the power to surprise and captivate even the most dedicated cherry scent enthusiasts who have tried them all.




Can you describe the scent profile of Cherry Ink fragrance Lorenzo Pazzaglia?

Cherry Ink features a prominent cherry note complemented by other aromatic accords, offering a sweet yet sophisticated olfactory journey.

Is Lorenzo Pazzaglia Cherry Ink a unisex fragrance or is it gender-specific?

Cherry Ink fragrance by Lorenzo Pazzaglia is often considered a unisex scent, appealing to individuals who appreciate fruity and unique perfumes.

Does Cherry Ink Lorenzo Pazzaglia have good longevity and sillage?

Cherry Ink is known to have moderate to good longevity and sillage, allowing the fragrance to linger on the skin and create a noticeable scent trail.

Is Cherry Ink suitable for a particular season or can it be worn year-round?

Cherry Ink can be versatile and suitable for various seasons, though its fruity and sweet character may be especially appealing during spring and summer.

Can Lorenzo Pazzaglia Cherry Ink be considered a niche or luxury perfume in terms of its pricing and exclusivity?

Cherry Ink by Lorenzo Pazzaglia is often classified as a niche fragrance, reflecting its artistic blend, quality ingredients, and exclusivity within the perfume industry.

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