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Indie fragrance Far ånd perfumes: Experience the ultimate citrus delight

Feb 29, 2024

 Today, I was working on my dissertation related to environmental protection, and I became curious about what perfume companies do to save nature. I analyzed information about Far ånd perfumes. The scents of this brand are inspired by music, art, and people. Their perfumer traveled the world and witnessed the destruction caused by sandalwood smuggling. The company strives to ensure sustainable development, but much more needs to be done. They source ingredients from Alentejo, a fragile region teetering on the brink of collapse due to desertification and fires. They use microwave distillation in the production of essential oils for perfumes to reduce the negative impact on the region. It makes me love even more!

Unique eco-friendly perfume bottles Far ånd perfumes

As for the bottles themselves? I find Far ånd perfumes incredibly vibrant and unconventional, like a piece of modern art. The packaging is abundant in vivid elements that complement the color of the perfume visible through the glass walls of the bottle. Great attention has been paid to the bottle caps Far ånd perfumes , which are made using recycled plastic waste. Each cap is handcrafted from plastic that was once considered useless to anyone.

Where, When and How - all you want to know about Far ånd perfumes

Suitable for any season, Far ånd perfumes is unisex. It has a moderate longevity The top notes include Kaffir lime and Yuzu, the middle notes feature Mandarin and Labdanum, the base note is Biscuit. Each bottle contains a message of hope, combining well-known and beloved ingredients in a completely unique way. The perfumer Far ånd perfumes doesn't just add fruity notes casually, in doing so, they support a number of small community nurseries growing trees for the future.

 Far ånd perfumes: Indulge in zesty lemon cheesecake

For me, Far ånd perfumes resemble the scent of a lemon cheesecake with top notes of kaffir lime and yuzu, heart notes of mandarin and labdanum, as well as base notes of biscuit and vanilla. I am obsessed with Far and perfumes, it reminds me of a lime pie from my favorite café. I can't stop using it; it's definitely a coincidence how much I adore fruity scents and the perfect combination of these fruits in one bottle, not to mention the philosophy of this perfume that captivates me.

Perfumes similar to Far ånd perfumes

This fragrance reminds me Unknown Pleasures Kerosene and Bake Akro thanks to the vanilla tint in the smell

Far ånd perfumes are not just a fragrance, but a whole story in a bottle. Through sustainable production methods and plastic recycling, the company proves that one can be beautiful without harming nature. The scents with notes of kaffir lime and mandarin create a truly enthusiastic mood and support environmental consciousness. Far ånd perfumes are fragrances that inspire protecting the planet for future generations.


What are indie fragrances and how are they different from other perfumes?

Indie fragrances are unique, handcrafted scents created by independent perfumers. They often use high-quality, niche ingredients and offer more personalized, unconventional blends compared to mainstream perfumes.

Do indie fragrances tend to be unisex or do they cater to specific genders?

Indie fragrances often blur traditional gender boundaries, offering unisex or gender-neutral scents. However, some brands may have fragrances specifically marketed for men or women.

Are indie fragrances long-lasting compared to mainstream perfumes?

The longevity of indie fragrances varies depending on the concentration of oils used. Some indie perfumes may have longer staying power due to higher perfume oil content.

Can I buy indie perfume samples from the collection?

Yes, you can, we are happy to offer free shipping on all orders to the USA and Canada


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