Review Tom Ford Lost Cherry Perfume

Does Tom Ford's Lost Cherry Live Up to Its Reputation?

May 11, 2024

Attention to Detail: Original Packaging of Lost Cherry Tom Ford

The packaging of the Lost Cherry Tom Ford perfume is truly noteworthy. Its box has a distinct texture that delicately reflects light and feels pleasant to the touch. When I first held this box in my hands, I immediately felt like I was holding something special. The bottle also didn't leave me indifferent - it's made of sturdy, transparent burgundy glass, with slightly rounded edges, and the "Tom Ford" engraving on the bottle cap is superb. Every detail of this perfume's packaging speaks to the manufacturer's attention to detail.

Review Tom Ford Lost Cherry

Bitter Cherry Notes in Lost Cherry Tom Ford

Lost Cherry is a unisex fragrance with a very rich pyramid of notes. At the very top of the scent, you can sense a rich cherry, which blends with Turkish rose, plum, and jasmine sambac. Additionally, the perfume contains notes of sandalwood, bitter almond, juicy cherry, liqueur, and vanilla. Despite the variety of notes, the Tom Ford Lost Cherry scent doesn't make me dizzy or uncomfortable. On the contrary, I enjoy each note, especially on cold autumn and winter days. The perfume lingers on the skin for a long time, creating a delightful and noticeable scent trail around me even after a day.

Perfume with a "Drunken Cherry" Cake Scent

Right from the first notes, Lost Cherry awakens a sense of cherry bitterness in me. This is a unique feature of this perfume that truly makes it valuable and exclusive. The bitter almond enhances this effect, making the scent even more intriguing and complex. To me, Lost Cherry is like a "Drunken Cherry" cake, where cherries are mixed with alcohol to create a multifaceted and rich flavor. I can almost imagine this scent as a diffuser with cherries, cinnamon, and anise - a true feast of scents that you'd want to enjoy for hours. Lost Cherry also brings to mind a smoky cherry and a hookah lounge atmosphere - enchanting and incredibly attractive.

Tom Ford Lost Cherry Review

This scent reminds me of Lovefest Burning Cherry | 48 or Lovely Chèrie Maison Alhambra the latter even has a similar packaging.



In conclusion, I want to say that Lost Cherry Tom Ford embodies luxury, passion, and romance. For me, Lost Cherry is a scent for special occasions, evening outings, and romantic dates. It's beautiful, seductive, mesmerizingly sexy, and simply unique. Investing in Lost Cherry by Tom Ford means investing in a particle of luxury and uniqueness for oneself, beloved and special.


What are the main notes in Lost Cherry?

The key notes include cherry, Turkish rose, plum, jasmine sambac, sandalwood, bitter almond, cherry liqueur, and vanilla.

Is Lost Cherry suitable for use in the autumn and winter seasons?

Yes, the rich and warm scent of Lost Cherry is perfect for cold weather, creating a cozy and inviting aura.

How long does Lost Cherry last on the skin?

Lost Cherry offers long-lasting performance, leaving a noticeable scent trail even after a full day of wear.

What makes Lost Cherry Tom Ford unique compared to other perfumes?

The distinctive "Drunken Cherry" cake scent, featuring cherry bitterness and bitter almond, sets Lost Cherry apart, creating a complex and alluring fragrance experience.

How can I best enjoy the scent of Lost Cherry throughout the day?

For optimal performance, apply Lost Cherry to pulse points and allow the fragrance to develop naturally on your skin.

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