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N Nastya Novosad

Kill the Lights Gritti: a Concentrate of Uniqueness in Every Drop

Mar 8, 2024

When I shared an apartment with another girl, we became good friends. One day, she bought herself the Kill the Lights Gritti perfume, mainly attracted by its packaging. However, she didn't like the scent and decided to give it to me. Now, for several years, I've been hooked on Gritti Kill the Lights perfume, like an addict. I've never had such a crazy love for any other perfume.

Unveil the Secrets of the Power of the Kill the Lights Gritty Scent

Gritti kill the lights

Kill the Lights Gritti perfume is a true embodiment of mystery and passion. The deep violet color of the packaging immediately captivates attention with its mysterious allure. The heartbeats pattern on the packaging seems to remind one of the sensations that envelop you when you spray this fragrance. Each time you apply this scent, it invites you into a world of passion and romance. Opening the Gritti Kill the Lights package, I felt a real thrill and intrigue at the anticipation of the fragrance.

What Makes the Kill the Lights Gritti Irresistible?


This unique scent, suitable for both men and women, belongs to the leather group. Though I prefer leather and smoky notes in perfumes, I think this scent suits men more. Its top notes include Davana, Juniper, and Artemisia, while the middle notes reveal Leather, Hay, and Pink Pepper. The base of Kill the Lights Gritti consists of Birch Resin, Mastic Tree, and Guaiac Wood, giving the composition richness and warmth. Gritti Kill the Lights is a long-lasting fragrance, ideal for cold weather. It lingered on my hair even after a shower. 

Mysterious and Attractive Kill the Lights Gritti

In my opinion, it strongly resembles the scent of old dried gouache or ink from a fine-tipped blue pen. For some of my friends, Kill the Lights Gritti reminded them of the smell of a car interior. It starts sharp, even piercing in the first moments, potentially overwhelming, then softens… it's a pity that this strikingly sharp first note quickly transitions into a sweet, subdued base on me.

They remind me of Kill the Lights Gritti but without refreshing notes and Artemisia G Coquillette (they also remind me of the smell of gouache).

Fragrance Gritti Kill the Lights are truly unique and charming with their leather notes. The packaging in deep violet color draws the eye like a magnet, revealing its mysteries. The rich scent is perfect for cold weather, creating a sense of mystery around you. Although the fragrance is unisex, I recommend it more for men or for women to complement a bold look. The Kill the Lights Gritti perfume will accentuate your individuality; such a scent is truly rare.


Is "Kill the Lights Gritti" perfume suitable for men or women?

"Kill the Lights Gritti" perfume is a unisex fragrance, suitable for both men and women to wear.

Does "Kill the Lights Gritti" perfume have a long-lasting scent?

This perfume is a long-lasting fragrance, ideal for cold weather. But the longevity of the scent of "Kill the Lights Gritti" perfume may vary depending on individual body chemistry and application techniques.

When should I wear "Kill the Lights Gritti"?

it is more suitable for evening events and the cold season


Can I buy a  "Kill the Lights Gritti" sample?

yes you are, we are happy to offer free shipping on all orders for USA and Canada.

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