Jul et Mad Nea Perfume Review (5)

Néa Jul et Mad Paris: A delicate eastern fragrance

Jun 18, 2024

The story of how I found Jul et Mad Paris Néa  is pretty hilarious. I was headed to a party with my friends, and I really wanted to impress this hot guy. On the way, I stopped by my friend's house to grab some shoes she lent me for the night. I went into the bathroom and realized I totally forgot to use my own perfume! Oh no! I looked around and spotted my friend's bottle of perfume next to the mirror. She had almost used it all up, so I quickly grabbed the leftover and started applying it. As it turned out, the hot guy loved my smell during our slow dance. We've been going steady for two years now.

Elegance Embodied: Discover Néa Jul et Mad Paris

Jul et Mad Nea Perfume Review


The packaging exudes elegance and charm, the essence resembles the color of a pink peach. The bottle is stable, so it will definitely not fall off the shelf during the hectic preparations for a date. A gold lid completes the composition. The packaging is an exact visual embodiment of the sweet and alluring nature of the fragrance it contains.

Experience the Versatile Beauty of Jul et Mad Paris Néa

Néa is a harmonious blend of top notes, including dates, pomegranate and black pepper, leading to the heart of runes, damask rose and jasmine sambac. The base notes of caramel, vanilla and patchouli add depth and warmth to this lovely, sweet and spicy composition. It is perfect for all seasons except for scorching summers and is an ideal choice for women looking for a versatile signature scent.

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Harmonious Allure: Néa Jul et Mad Paris 

The multifaceted nature of this perfume truly fascinates me. It reveals itself in different ways, depending on weather conditions. In warm climates, in my opinion, it exudes a sweet aroma, reminiscent of lollipops. At lower temperatures, it  reveals notes reminiscent of rose petals and dates. There is a slight aftertaste of alcohol syrup, adding complexity to its character.

This fragrance reminded me very much of Rôses Berberanza Lancôme

It seemed to me that this was a masterfully crafted eastern fragrance that embodied charm. Its combination of notes created a sensual atmosphere that delighted everyone around and left a great impression. Whether you were looking for a versatile fragrance for everyday life or a special occasion, Jul et Mad Paris Néa was a luxurious fragrance that would surely enchant you.

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What are the main accords of Néa by Jul et Mad Paris?

This perfume features prominent accords of white flowers, citrus, and musk, creating a captivating and elegant fragrance.

What is the longevity of this perfume?

It offers excellent longevity, often lasting throughout the day, ensuring you stay enveloped in its enchanting aroma.

Jul et Mad Nea Perfume Review (4)

 Is this perfume  suitable for all seasons?

It is an oriental fragrance that can be enjoyed all year round, but in hot weather it can be suffocating.


Where can I buy Néa by Jul et Mad Paris  perfume in the USA?

You can buy perfumes directly on our website. We are happy to deliver perfumes to the USA and Canada for our customers

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