Guidance Amouage Review

Pear-Scented Poetry: Falling under the Spell of Amouage Guidance

May 3, 2024

 A friend bought some raspberry-scented perfume. It tempted me because I've always adored raspberries and the scent of fresh berries. I decided to also order this perfume, but at that moment I saw completely different perfumes with a pear scent - Guidance Amouage, moreover in a beautiful pink bottle. So, I bought them for the sake of experiment. Now, after 1.5 years, I still wear them and use them constantly! And now I rush to share with you why I have grown so fond of them.

Embrace Elegance with Amouage: Where Fragrance and Artistry Intertwine

I am delighted by the bottle: an opaque bottle of a beautiful soft powdery shade, the cap, the spray… The cap reminds me of a dome over some magnificent structures, and it truly fits this fragrance! Amouage Guidance, just like its bottle, seems like the most beautiful temple for fans of floral and fruity scents.

Perfume Review Guidance Amouage

Harmony Unveiled: Discovering the Timeless Beauty of Amouage Perfumes

As a connoisseur of perfumery, I cannot contain my joy at the harmony of notes in this perfume: Pear, Woody nut, Rose, Vanilla… I've tried it in different conditions - in cold and hot weather - Guidance Amouage always stays the same. I appreciate its longevity on the skin (exactly 12 hours) and clothes (around 3 days), leaving a beautiful trail. Although Amouage Guidance is unisex, I consider it purely feminine, it's so powdery, I can't imagine it on a man.

A Memorable Symphony: Falling for Guidance Amouage's One-of-a-Kind Creation

I realized that Guidance Amouage will forever hold a place in my heart! It's unlikely that anyone can remain indifferent to this amazing composition. Sweet pear and nuts start dancing on the skin, then a delicate, almost creamy nougat with a light saltiness emerges in the scent's spotlight. My partner associates it with coconut, although I don't feel that at all. For me, Guidance Amouage smells like a pizza with gorgonzola and pears, even with the addition of apricots, simply delicious! Guidance is definitely a unique and noticeable scent in my collection.

Review Guidance Amouage

This fragrance is similar to Sensual Orchid by Laurent Mazzone Parfums in its gentleness and also reminds me of Olympea Legend by Paco Rabanne.



In summary, if you're looking for a scent that will make you stand out from the crowd and get you lots of compliments, Guidance Amouage is the way to go. I can't stress enough how long-lasting and well-made this fragrance is. I've tried it both in cold and hot weather, and I can say without a doubt that its character doesn't change with the seasons. This scent will definitely not disappoint – it'll wow you from the start and stay with you for years to come, so give it a try! I highly recommend it to all girls!


Is Guidance by Amouage suitable for daytime or evening wear?

Guidance by Amouage is a versatile fragrance that transitions seamlessly from day to night. Its balanced blend of notes makes it suitable for both casual daytime outings and sophisticated evening events.

How long does the fragrance of Guidance by Amouage last on the skin?

The longevity of Guidance by Amouage varies depending on individual skin chemistry and environmental factors. However, many users report that the fragrance lingers on the skin for several hours after application, providing long-lasting freshness.

Review Guidance Amouage Perfume

 What occasions is Guidance by Amouage best suited for?

Guidance by Amouage is well-suited for a variety of occasions, from everyday wear to special events. Its elegant and versatile aroma makes it suitable for work, social gatherings, or formal occasions, adding a touch of sophistication to any ensemble.

Is Guidance by Amouage available in different sizes or formulations?

Currently, Guidance by Amouage is available in a standard size bottle with a concentration suitable for eau de parfum. 

Can I layer Guidance by Amouage with other fragrances?

Yes, Guidance by Amouage can be layered with other fragrances to create unique scent combinations. Experimenting with layering can enhance the complexity of the fragrance and tailor it to your personal preferences.

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