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Long-lasting Sophistication: Unforgettable Trail of Kilian Angel's Share

Feb 19, 2024

In my office, there is a stunning lady who always stands out, and every time she walks by me, the trail of her perfume linger in the air. It's mind-blowing. I hesitated for a long time to approach and ask for the name of the perfume, but the other day, she announced that she is leaving soon, and I realized I can't delay it anymore. I am sharing my fabulous discovery with you all!

The Crystal Luxury: Angels Share by Kilian

Kilian Angels Share is the first by Kilian, created in collaboration with the French perfumers Benoit Lapouza. As a descendant of a famous French dynasty of cognac makers, he pays tribute to his beloved strong drinks that accompany long parties until dawn.

Angels share review

The name Kilian Angels Share is a reference to the mysterious phenomenon in the cognac industry, the "angel's share," as romantically called by French cognac producers, referring to the natural loss of spirit volume. The perfume packaging itself, made in the form of an exquisite glass made of thin glass or crystal, also refers to cognac

Where, When and How - all you want to know about Angels Share Kilian

Kilian Angels Share contains the essence of cognac, derived directly from the drink itself, giving it a natural caramel hue. It is perfect for both men and women during the cold season. This fragrance is a luxurious alcohol at its finest, lasting well on the skin (around 10-12 hours) and extremely persistent on clothes (about 2-3 days). Angels Share by Kilian is sweet but not overpowering.

The Enchantment of Angels Share Kilian: Vintage Cognac from Cellars 

Kilian Angels share

I would say that this is a very American theme in perfumery. Kilian Angels Share the scent of our mall and its timeless cinnamon bun or the aroma of a well-stocked bar in a fine restaurant. The top note: Cognac. Following this top note, the scent evolves to reveal oak absolute, cinnamon essence, and tonka bean absolute.

The enduring base notes of sandalwood, praline, and vanilla create an unmistakably refined trail, worthy of true angels. I am intoxicated by it. It smells so natural in Angels Share Kilian cognac, similar to the one that can be found in ancient cellars. It is both fresh and moderately sweet, and there are cherry echoes in it similar to liqueur.

Perfumes similar to Angel's Share Kilian

Kilian Angels Share is similar to Oajan by Parfums de Marly, it also smells expensive, evoking a delicious alcoholic aura, similar to Kismet Angel by Maison Alhambra, as in the first hour after spraying, they are almost identical.



The fragrance Angels’ Share Kilian is a true masterpiece for connoisseurs of exquisite scents. Its cognac notes create a sophisticated and unique aroma that is suitable for both men and women. This fragrance will complement your style perfectly during the cold season, remaining long-lasting on both skin and clothes. The sweet notes of sandalwood, praline, and vanilla produce an unforgettable trail that will not leave others indifferent. Its resemblance to real cognac and quality are truly captivating. Angels Share Kilian  is the kind of fragrance that you would want to use continuously and attract attention effortlessly.

What does Angels Share smell like?

Angels Share Kilian contains the essence of cognac derived from the liquor to lend it a natural caramel color. Opening with cognac oil, upon a blend of oak absolute, cinnamon essence and tonka bean absolute, the scent's long-lasting notes of sandalwood, praline and vanilla make for a delicious finish.

Why is Angels Share so expensive?

But the Angels Share Kilian also impacts the consumer in other ways, like price. Aged whiskeys, especially those aged for a long time, tend to cost much more than other options. This is for many reasons, but mostly because of how much liquid is lost over time.

Who wears Angels Shared perfume?

Beyoncé's Favorite Perfume: Kilian's Angels Share.


What Perfume Does Rihanna Wear?

Rihanna's signature scent is actually Love, Don't Be Shy from KILIAN Paris—and it's inspired by a decidedly chic dessert


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