Room 1015 Cherry Punk: A Riotous Symphony of Scent!

Room 1015 Cherry Punk: A Riotous Symphony of Scent!

Jul 5, 2023

Hey scent-rockers! I'm about to bring you something outrageously rebellious, yet sweetly comforting. Cherry Punk by Room 1015, it's a game-changer. Imagine the spirit of a youth riot, sweetened with the idealism of adolescence, and wrapped in a heavy leather jacket. We're about to dive nose-first into this punk cherry perfume, so hold on tight.


This fragrance takes the cherry-crowned throne and honestly, I've sniffed many cherry accords before. Some were too sweet, others came off synthetic or medicine-like, and some were just a disaster. But Cherry Punk? It's the real deal, the crème de la cherry, or as I like to put it - it's actual crack in a bottle.

The Aromatic Journey of Cherry Punk: A Symphony of Top and Heart Notes 

Developed by the perfume maestro, Jérôme Epinette, Room 1015 Cherry Punk opens with top notes of Cherry, Saffron, and Sichuan Pepper. It's like your first taste of a tart cherry, a jolt of peppery spice, and that exotic allure of saffron - a burst of scents so enchanting, it'll have you sniffing your wrist at random times throughout the day.


It gets even more enchanting as we move to the heart of this fragrance, a melodious blend of Mimosa, Violet, and Jasmine. It's a floral trio that conjures images of a punk rocker donning a distressed denim, hand-painted with these vibrant flowers.


And then, the dry down. Oh, what a rebellious delight! With base notes of Leather, Tonka Bean, and Patchouli, it's like a worn leather jacket, softened with memories, on a backdrop of creamy Tonka Bean and earthy Patchouli. You'll feel like you're in a jamming session where cool kids with bleached hair are swapping rare vinyl records, and you’re rocking out in that nostalgic punk ambience.


Cherry Punk is unapologetically unisex but beware, it's strong. Like, you may need a safety pin to handle this kind of punk strong. I initially found the scent a tad too aggressive, almost like a screeching guitar riff, but then, it grew on me. So much that I bought a bottle. And trust me, just a couple of spritzes are enough to last you through a day of rawkin' rebellion.


Why Choose Cherry Punk? The Star-like Scent and its Unapologetic Pricing.

So why Cherry Punk? Well, I have a thing for cherries, I have a thing for leather, and I have a thing for punk. And Cherry Punk fits the bill perfectly. It’s my go-to scent when I'm composing a tune, belting out a number, or just vibing in the studio. It’s my signature scent and it literally makes me feel like a star!


Sure, Room 1015 may have priced this punk masterpiece a bit steeply, but it's an indie brand, and we know the drill with indie. Plus, the quality and longevity of Cherry Punk totally justify the tag. StephDepress, another punk-enthusiast, couldn't agree more, noting the strong projection, longevity, and the 'punk' element reminiscent of actual punk concerts. You can always buy Cherry Punk perfume sample here, with free USPS shipping


So there you go! Cherry Punk by Room 1015, a vivid aromatic story and a riot within your senses. A scent as authentic as hand-painted denim and painted leather, as captivating as a night of live music. Spray it on, and you’re ready to take the stage by storm. Smell ya later, folks! Rock on and stay punk!



Tell me more about Room 1015?

Room 1015 is not just another brand on the block. It's a visionary brand that marries the allure of rock 'n' roll with the art of perfumery. Founded by Dr. Mike, a pharmacist with a background in cosmetics and a deep love for rock music, Room 1015 creates fragrances that have a soul of their own. Their mission is to evoke emotions, memories, and the spirit of rebellion through their scents. Their name, Room 1015, pays homage to the infamous room at the Continental Hyatt House in Los Angeles, known as the "Riot House," where rock stars wreaked havoc in the 70s. It's a nod to the iconic rock culture that is an integral part of the brand's DNA.


Every bottle from Room 1015 is an olfactory concert. Their fragrances aren't simply about smelling good; they're about transporting you to another time and place. Each scent is carefully composed, much like a rock song, with top, middle, and base notes that harmonize perfectly. The brand takes pride in using high-quality ingredients that result in scents that are as intricate as a guitar riff and as smooth as a piano solo. From the packaging to the scent itself, every aspect of a Room 1015 perfume reflects the rebellious, raw, and unapologetic spirit of rock music. Room 1015 doesn't just make perfumes, they create olfactory anthems that celebrate the rock 'n' roll lifestyle.

What fragrantica said about this perfume?

Cherry punk Fragrantica rating have impressive 4.25 out of 5 with 971 votes, which is pretty impressive! As you will take a look Cherry Punk Room 1015 review's most of them will positive as well

Where can I buy Cherry Punk Room 1015 sample?

Great question! Yes, you can absolutely get a Cherry Punk sample. We are proud to offer the Room 1015 Discovery Set which includes Cherry Punk. This is the perfect way for you to experience this rebellious and enchanting fragrance before committing to a full-sized bottle. The Discovery Set is priced at $30 and the best part? The cost already includes taxes and shipping!

Can Cherry Punk be considered as Cologne?

Absolutely! While Cherry Punk is technically classified as an Eau de Parfum due to its concentration, it can certainly be considered a cologne in the broad sense of the term. This fragrance is 100% unisex, designed to be enjoyed by all, regardless of gender. So, whether you prefer to call it perfume, Cherry Punk cologne, or simply a captivating scent, Cherry Punk is here to deliver a unique aromatic experience that truly defies labels.

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