Black Afgano Perfume Nasomatto Review
N Nastya Novosad

Smokey Madness: Black Afgano by Nasomatto

May 13, 2024

I went to buy myself an affordable everyday scent, but it was important for me that it had a typically rugged vibe. I used it for a long time, then my embarrassingly cheap perfume ran out, and I had to look for a replacement. My friend is really into perfumes and it seems like she knows all theents in the world by heart. Following her recommendation, I bought Black Afgano by Nasomatto, and it turned out to be hundreds of times better than my budget-friendly unknown scent - I'm saved!

Black Afgano Nasomatto Perfume

Black Afgano: Unveiling the Mystery in Every Drop!

When I first saw the Black Afgano perfume by Nasimatto, it wasn't just the packaging that attracted me - it conquered me. The dense glass bottle, a large massive black cap - all of it gives a sense of reliability. The color of the essence, of course, lives up to the name, also black, which adds a special sense of mystery and intrigue to the scent.

Unisex Elegance: Black Afgano Perfume - Your Daily Dose of Intrigue!

Black Afgano is a scent that suits both men and women. In my opinion, it's perfect for everyday wear, adding a bit of mystery and mystique to daily life. Top notes of hemp and green accents provide freshness, while middle notes of resins, wood, tobacco, and coffee add depth and warmth. Base notes of oud and frankincense create a long-lasting trail. I noticed that in cold weather, the Black Afgano scent unfolds more interestingly, and the trail becomes even richer. Over time, it may seem like the scent fades, but everyone around continues to catch its scent. The perfume lasts for about 8 hours, after which the trail gradually fades away.

Black Afgano Perfume Nasomatto

Transport Your Senses to an Eastern Oasis: Black Afgano Perfume's Captivating Aroma!

To me, the Black Afgano scent is associated with the ambiance of an upscale Eastern hookah lounge. The bright, pleasant, rich aroma of this perfume captivates me and has been told it's appealing to the ladies, too. It's like inhaling hemp and forgetting about where and when you are. I love dense, heavy, long-lasting scents, so Black Afgano pleases me greatly with its longevity. And it's nice that it lingers on my clothes for a long time - on jackets, on scarves, reminding me of the laid-back atmosphere in a hookah lounge.



This fragrance is similar to Cuirs by Carner Barcelona with its leathery tones and to Fortis by Les Liquides Imaginaires with its woody essence.

Black Afgano by Nasimatto is a scent that's worth the money. Its longevity and staying power are truly impressive. I enjoy every moment I wear this scent. It boosts my confidence, making every day full of compliments from beautiful girls. I adore Black Afgano and I recommend everyone to try this scent.

Perfume Black Afgano Nasomatto


What are the main fragrance notes in Black Afgano by Nasomatto?

Black Afgano features notes of hemp, green accents, resins, wood, tobacco, coffee, oud, and frankincense.

Is Black Afgano suitable for both men and women?

Yes, Black Afgano is a unisex fragrance designed to appeal to all genders.

How long does the scent of Black Afgano last on the skin?

Black Afgano typically lasts for about 8 hours on the skin, leaving a lingering trail.

Does the scent of Black Afgano change in different weather conditions?

Yes, Black Afgano unfolds differently in cold weather, with the scent becoming richer and more complex.

Is Black Afgano considered a heavy or light fragrance?

Black Afgano is a dense and heavy fragrance, perfect for those who enjoy long-lasting scents with depth.

Does Black Afgano leave a noticeable scent trail?

Yes, Black Afgano leaves a noticeable and long-lasting trail, ensuring you make a memorable impression.

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