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The Unconventional Citrus Aroma of Montale Soleil De Capri

Mar 28, 2024

Today, my review is dedicated to the cult fragrance from Montale Soleil De Capri. I bought this perfume out of nostalgia. I even remember how I first encountered the scent, or rather, it was initially a copy of it in a simple bottle with a plastic cap. It happened at a friend's sister's place. I remember standing near a large dresser with a mirror, and my friend handed me a bottle of Montale Soleil De Capri with the words, "my sister says that every man loves this scent!" I'm not sure how she collected that statistic back then, but that phrase stuck in my head for a long time, and I myself confirmed it a thousand times.

The Simple Form: What Lies Beneath the Soleil De Capri Montale Bottle

montage soleil de capri

The bottle has a classic Montale shape, cold and seemingly unapproachable. The metallic gray color reflects everything around, as if hinting to look at yourself and understand that you deserve the very best. At first glance, you might not pay attention to it if you don't know what it holds inside. And the scent of Montale Soleil De Capri is extraordinary!

Best Vacation Scent: Montale Soleil De Capri

montale soliel de capri

This fragrance is identified as unisex, but I would say it leans more towards the masculine side. The top notes of citrus, kumquat, and grapefruit create a fresh and bright accord. The fragrance has moderate longevity, delighting you for up to 7 hours, at least that's how long Soleil De Capri Montale lasted on my skin. Base notes of spices and musk add depth and refinement to this composition; I would say there's something Arabesque about it. Soleil De Capri Montale is the perfect choice for summer; it will pleasantly surprise you with its blend of gentleness and longevity. This summer, it allowed me to feel like a true beach queen on my summer holiday.

What Do Soleil De Capri Montale and a Glass of Freshly Squeezed Citrus Juice Have in Common?


This scent simply charmed me! Pleasant fresh citruses with spices create a unique atmosphere. Soleil De Capri Montale would be an ideal gift as it appeals to almost everyone. For me, it's a real find - interesting, non-trivial citruses with hints of greenery and a sweet touch. Montale Soleil De Capri doesn't shout about itself, but it doesn't leave you indifferent either. I sense the taste and acidity of lemon meringue, feel the freshness, and even a leathery accord. Associations with a glass of vibrant freshly squeezed citrus juice on the beach with a beautiful straw and decoration.

This fragrance is similar to Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana and Cheap & Chic I Love Love by Moschino in vibrant packaging

Overall, Montale Soleil De Capri is an excellent choice for summer. While the scent is unisex, it leans more towards the masculine side. I would even say that it has an Arabesque element due to the base notes of spices and musk. The fragrance is fresh and bright due to the citrus and grapefruit top notes. It lasted on my skin for about 7 hours, which pleasantly surprised me. In general, Soleil De Capri Montale imparts a feeling of tenderness and brightness simultaneously, and this summer, I felt like a true beach queen thanks to it.


Is Montale Soleil De Capri suitable for men or women?

Montale Soleil De Capri is a unisex fragrance, perfectly suitable for both men and women who appreciate a refreshing, citrusy, and sophisticated scent.


How long does the scent of Soleil De Capri Montale last?

Montale Soleil De Capri is known for its longevity, with the scent lasting for hours on the skin and leaving a trail of freshness and sophistication throughout the 7 hours


Can Soleil De Capri Montale be worn year-round?

Soleil De Capri Montale's fresh and uplifting composition makes it suitable for year-round wear, but it shines particularly bright during the warmer months, perfect for summer and spring.


Are there any tips on how to best wear Soleil De Capri Montale?

To enhance the longevity and projection of Soleil De Capri Montale, spray on pulse points like wrists, neck, and behind the ears, allowing the fragrance to develop and enchant throughout the day.

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