Coffee Addict Theodoros Kalotinis perfume review

The scent of Coffee Addict by Theodoros Kalotinis

Apr 24, 2024

My feelings towards Theodoros Kalotinis have always been mixed. For example, some of the brand's scents I don't feel at all. But I decided to take a chance and try the coffee scent Coffee Addict by Theodoros Kalotinis because I heard it has the most realistic coffee smell. And I wasn't deceived, it's really like that! So I want to talk about my favourite, Coffee Addict, as a coffee aficionado.

review Theodoros Kalotinis Coffee Addict  perfume

Strict and elegant style of Coffee Addict by Theodoros Kalotinis

The bottle's design is understated and minimalist. The strict black packaging holds a bottle that's not particularly remarkable. At first, I thought there was nothing to say about it. But later, I realized that it does indeed seem to symbolize the strictness and seriousness of this fragrance and coffee drinks in general.

The perfect coffee-scented fragrance

Coffee Addict is suitable for both women and men. Starting with an intense coffee accord, it gradually transitions into sweet vanilla and tender caramel. The blend with a touch of cocoa pod creates an aromatic symphony perfect for cold weather. Pleasant and long-lasting, Coffee Addict doesn't shout, but leaves a memorable trail. It's amazing how a scent can be crafted so beautifully!

review perfume Theodoros Kalotinis Coffee Addict

Coffee and whiskey: Theodoros Coffee Addict

I simply adore coffee scents, and I've had many perfumes with this aroma, but my favourite is Coffee Addict! From the first moment, it reminds me of an intoxicating coffee drink, similar to Irish coffee with whiskey, brown sugar, and cream. Coffee Addict lasts for about 8 hours, and transforms into the smell of dark roasted coffee and sweet vanilla. And all this - at a great price!



This scent is similar in its coffee notes to Followed by Kerosene and French Coffee by Al-Rehab in terms of vanilla undertones.

In conclusion, Coffee Addict Theodoros Kalotinis transcends traditional gender boundaries with its captivating fusion of coffee, vanilla, and caramel notes, delicately intertwined with a hint of cocoa. This factor masterpiece unfolds gracefully, offering a sensory symphony tailor-made for the crisp embrace of winter. Its subtle yet enduring presence effortlessly leaves a lasting impression, showcasing the artistry involved in crafting such a harmonious scent. Truly, the sheer beauty and intricacy of Coffee Addict  exemplify the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into the creation of a truly exceptional perfume.

Theodoros Kalotinis Coffee Addict  perfume review


What are the main notes in Theodoros Kalotinis Coffee Addict fragrance?

The main notes in Coffee Addict fragrance include rich coffee accords, warm spices, gourmand ingredients like vanilla and caramel

Is Theodoros Kalotinis Coffee Addict fragrance unisex or gender-specific?

Coffee Addict fragrance is often marketed as a unisex scent, suitable for both men and women who appreciate the indulgent aroma of coffee combined with complementary notes to create a unique olfactory experience

How long does the scent of Theodoros Kalotinis Coffee Addict fragrance last?

The longevity of Coffee Addict fragrance can vary depending on individual skin chemistry, application method, and environmental factors. However, due to the richness of its notes, Coffee Addict is known to have good staying power and may linger on the skin for several hours.

Does Theodoros Kalotinis Coffee Addict fragrance smell like real coffee?

While Coffee Addict fragrance is inspired by the aroma of coffee, it is a complex perfume creation that may not replicate the exact scent of freshly brewed coffee. Instead, it offers a sophisticated and nuanced interpretation of coffee with other complementary notes to evoke a unique and intoxicating fragrance experience.

Is Coffee Addict Theodoros Kalotinis fragrance suitable for all seasons or is it more appropriate for specific times of the year?

Theodoros Kalotinis' Coffee Addict fragrance, with its rich and indulgent blend of coffee, gourmand accords, and possibly other aromatic notes, may be perceived as a cozy and warming scent, making it particularly well-suited for fall and winter seasons when cooler temperatures call for comforting and enveloping fragrances. 

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